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Online, on-demand learning means continuous workforce skills training; anytime, anywhere, on any device.

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Great Training Is Crucial for 
Business Success & Growth

Beginner, intermediate or advanced, learning never ends.


New hires are less experienced than ever before. Training is a must to keep your company growing.

Better Reviews

Customer reviews can make or break your business. Poor in-the-field performance can have lasting results.

High Performance

A strong commitment to training is constant across high performing organizations.

Increase Productivity

Accountability increases productivity and now your team can train consistently across the board.

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Set Your Team Up For Long-Term Success & Reduce Turnover

Adapting to new technology allows your business to stay ahead of the skilled trades skills gap. Training has proven to help reduce turnover rates by keeping yor team engaged. The competition for talent continues to grow —give your facility maintenance business the upper hand with SkillMill™ Team.

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Control Costs, Increase Revenue

You hear it day-in and day-out—Do more with less. We’re here to tell you that SkillMill™ Team can actually help with that. There's no more need to fly team members across the country for training. Our online, on-demand learning experience platform helps you reduce errors on the job while ensuring that your team is staying on top of compliance standards. Access the entire course catalog anywhere, anytime.

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Empower Your Team with Scalable 
Consistent Training


Improves employee productivity and delivers to your top-line results.

Customer Satisfaction

Increases customer satisfaction with improved in-the-field performance.


Help employees build careers paths that keep them within your company.


Boost recruitment by delivering state of the art training to your team.

Bring State-Of-The-Art Training 
to Your Entire Team

Maintain safe and efficient operations with our full course catalog. Training includes includes videos, knowledge 
checks, 3D simulation troubleshooting and more.

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Fastest Way to a Skilled Workforce

Because your old training just ain't cutting it anymore.

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