HVAC Contractor Cuts Callback Rates With SkillMill™ Content

Building better techs with a standardized training curriculum.

When Tom Spall decided to place more emphasis on formal training for his HVAC technicians, he assumed that he would be creating original training content from scratch. Instead, he was introduced to Interplay Learning’s course catalog, SkillMill and immediately realized he could build a training structure with those classes at its core.

In this case study, discover how T.E. Spall and Son:

  • Used SkillMill for their core training content
  • Reduced callback rates
  • Turned a profit during slow season
  • Improved employee retention and performance
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Tom Spall, CEO, T.E. Spall and Son
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“The actual impact that training in general has on your culture — you can’t put a price tag on that — because it creates a culture where people feel like they’re being invested in. When they feel like they’re being invested in, people tend to bring a better version of themselves to work every day.”
Tom Spall
CEO, T.E. Spall and Son