Facilities Maintenance Training

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One-Stop-Shop for Facilities Maintenance Training

Whether you’re an in-house maintenance leader or outsourced service provider, we have you covered. Broaden your candidate pool with training designed to both upskill green techs and refresh advanced techs, all in one place.

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Effective, Efficient, and Affordable Facilities Maintenance Training

While the demand for skilled techs continues to increase, the time and resources needed to train a workforce are not always readily available.

Interplay Learning is a one-stop shop for effective skilled trades training that upskills your team in weeks, not years.

With extensive online courses specifically in facilities maintenance, technicians of any level can learn everything from electrical and HVAC basics to troubleshooting specific plumbing issues.

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Learn from Experts

Gain access to comprehensive, online facilities maintenance training created by education experts.

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Affordable and Accessible Training

Feel assured knowing your techs are practicing on life-like commercial equipment in a risk-free, virtual environment. Reduce third-party calls by cross-training in-house, so your team can service more calls, faster.

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Education Built for Retention

Ensure your trainees retain the critical knowledge necessary to do their job safely and correctly by providing unlimited facilities maintenance practice in a risk-free environment.

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Keep Your Apprentices Engaged

Keep your team engaged and committed to learning with game-like VR and 3D simulations that mimic real-life scenarios.

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Featured Courses

Browse SkillMill’s course catalog to learn individual concepts or choose a learning pathway to train for a specific set of skills.

Intro to Chillers

HVAC Ducting and Airflow

Residential A/C

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