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Train and Retain Top Solar Technicians

Tackle the skills gap head-on and help grow your business with online solar technician training

Get Results Faster and More Efficiently

The solar industry is growing at a record pace, and demand for qualified technicians has never been greater. Without a traditional pipeline for technicians, finding the talent you need to grow your business can be challenging.

With Interplay Learning’s comprehensive online solar technician training, you can rapidly onboard skilled workers from other industries and train new technicians better and easier than ever before. Use expert-led videos, in-depth courses, virtual reality, and immersive 3D simulations to get workers job-ready faster and capture increased business demand.

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Get The Knowledge Your Team Needs

From the rookie in the field, an installer with a few years under their belt, a solar sales rep or even an operations manager — Interplay’s online solar technician training delivers the knowledge your team needs. Our foundational video courses provide the building blocks to understand the core concepts behind the technology of solar while immersive 3D simulations teach on the job skills and enable greater proficiency in troubleshooting.

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Deliver Expert-Led Training

Build competent technicians faster by using SkillMill as another expert on your team. Minimize the need to use higher-level technicians as trainers, and provide continuous learning for skilled techs.

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Access Field-Like Training Anytime

Provide a comprehensive, field-like training experience where techs can learn solar installation and service skills safely, quickly, and without the need for costly travel.

Make Customized Learning Easy

Assign courses based on individual learner needs and track progress. Interplay’s SkillMill training platform is easy to administer and allows for personalized learning paths.

Motivate and Engage

Keep your team engaged and committed to learning with proven, game-like VR and 3D simulations that mimic real-life scenarios.

Hire Anyone

Access a more diverse talent pool and get them job-ready faster to accelerate your revenue growth

Featured Courses

Mark Mrohs, a leading Solar Trainer for the last 40 years, designed curriculum that’s laser-focused on relevant, on-the-job skills. These courses combine direct instruction, practice in the hands-on simulator, challenge simulations to test the learner, and extension activities to push the learners’ understanding.

Solar Module Design

Solar Cell Technology

Array Assembly Installation

Site Assessment

Electrical Installation

Mechanical Commissioning

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