Multi-Family Maintenance Training

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Start Building Your Maintenance Dream Team

Train new techs faster, upskill experienced techs to keep them sharp, and provide opportunities for career advancement by delivering standardized, scalable maintenance technician training across locations.

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Win the Talent War

Attract and Keep the Best and Brightest

Multi-family maintenance has always been demanding, but as the skills gap continues to grow, so does the competition for skilled labor. And, with the number of skilled jobs far outpacing the supply of qualified workers to fill them, companies are left scrambling to train inexperienced workers from the ground up.

SkillMill can help solve these problems by delivering immersive, on-demand multi-family maintenance technician training designed to rapidly develop your green technicians, boost their confidence in the field and help you grow your talent in-house.

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Develop a Highly-Trained, Property Maintenance Team Quickly

Interplay’s SkillMill has everything you need to train your multi-family maintenance team faster, better, and easier than ever before. Choose from expert-led videos, in-depth courses like HVAC and electrical, and immersive 3-D and virtual reality simulations.

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Maintain Your Competitive Edge

Give yourself a competitive edge in attracting and retaining talent by providing Interplay’s best-in-class, immersive 3D and virtual reality training for all skill levels.

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Improve Your Bottom Line

An investment in training can pay for itself very quickly by preventing costly callbacks and reducing outsourcing expenses.

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Get Certified​

Build a safe and productive workforce by giving your team access to CPO (Certified Pool Operator®) and OSHA training courses and certification prep. 


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Create Happier Residents

Burnt-out maintenance teams lead to impatient residents and poor reviews. Reduce resident turnover and increase profitability with well-trained techs that make repairs faster and get it right the first time.

Hire for Attitude, Train for Aptitude

Hire anyone by gaining access to our hands-on, field-like simulations designed to quickly upskill green techs and refresh advanced techs, all in one place.

Gain The Insight You Need to Lead

Assess each worker’s skills before they head into the field. Assign courses based on individual learner needs and track progress.

Take the Stress Out of Building and Training Your Maintenance Team

Interplay’s on-demand multi-family maintenance technician training is simple to administer and deliver, enabling you to quickly provide effective upskilling to as many people as possible.

  • Assess, track, and develop the skills of your new and experienced technicians
  • Provide consistent, effective training to all skill levels, across your locations
  • Cross-train HVAC, plumbing, and electrical in-house, reducing outsourcing costs
  • Integrate Interplay’s SkillMill into your LMS for consolidated reporting and standardization
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Featured Courses and Learning Paths

Integrate SkillMill into your LMS and give your entire workforce access to our growing library of multi-family maintenance technician training.

Facilities Maintenance Welcome Assessment

Fluid Cooler Preventative Maintenance 3D/VR

Chiller Troubleshooting 3D/VR

Gas Rooftop Refrigeration Troubleshooting 3D/VR

Chiller Systems

Ladder and Fall Safety

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