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Prepare Students for Future Careers with 3D Skilled Trades Simulations

Give students the opportunity to build real-world trades skills by turning any environment into a virtual job site.

With SkillMill, you can create a more impactful learning experience by integrating 3D and virtual reality simulations into your current program of study to provide hands-on practice with immersive activities.

A woman using a tablet for 3D skilled trades simulations to prepare students for future careers

Engage the Digital Generation

Bridge the gap between classroom instruction and on-the-job experience by enabling students to build confidence and apply their knowledge in a virtual skilled trades setting.

Next-generation simulation technology allows students to master skills in an engaging format that will capture their attention.

Provide Equitable Career Options for Every Student

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Give students the opportunity to explore careers in the skilled trades by offering virtual field-like scenarios right in your classroom.

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Provide accessible and versatile learning options to help students master skills and build more confidence in the classroom.

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Career Readiness

Equip your students with the knowledge, skills, and industry certifications needed to start a skilled trades career after graduation.

Unlimited Practice for Every Student

Simulation-based activities give students access to unlimited practice so they can build skills both inside and outside of class time.

Gamified Activities to Inspire Students

Entice digital natives to learn by creating a competitive, game-like experience that helps them build trades skills and retain critical knowledge.

Safe Trades Learning for All Ages

Expose students to alternative career paths earlier by allowing them to explore the skilled trades in a safe and controlled environment.

Simple for Instructors, Impactful for Students

Align With Your Current Curriculum
Easily integrate 3D simulations into your current curriculum. Our curriculum mapping saves you time and energy so you can focus on your students’ success.

Reinforce Classroom Lessons
Get students ready for upcoming labs and reinforce lectures with interactive activities to better prepare them for skilled trades roles upon graduating.

Integrate With Your LMS
With the ability to integrate into your current LMS, you can create a custom learning path specific to your students’ needs.

A man wearinga virual reality headest for k-12 training preparation for skilled trades

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