Small Business Skilled Trades Training

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Scale Your Business Quickly to Meet Demand

Get affordable skilled trades training for SMBs to train your techs faster, upskill better, and grow your business easier than ever before.

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Build Competent and Confident Technicians

Empower your team with scalable, consistent skilled trades training for SMBs (Small-to-Medium Businesses). With SkillMill, you can create personalized learning experiences to help all team members – beginner, intermediate or advanced – maximize their skills.

With 450+ hours of expert-led training and hands-on 3D simulations, it’s easy to build a top crew of technicians and free up more time to focus on your business.

Customer Testimonials

Great Training is Crucial for Business Success and Growth

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Customer Satisfaction

Customer reviews can make or break your business. Investing in SkillMill training can help produce well-rounded technicians who get the job done right the first time.

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Business Performance

SkillMill can help you do more with less. Our affordable online skilled trades training for SMBs can help you control training costs, improve ramp-up times, increase productivity and deliver top-line results.

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Training with hands-on 3D simulations and virtual reality – in a no-fail environment – can lead to faster troubleshooting and fewer mistakes, greatly increasing in-the-field performance.


Training is proven to help reduce turnover rates. SkillMill can help you build long-term career paths and satisfied employees who are more invested and engaged in your business.


Hire anyone and get them job-ready faster. Use technology-based training and virtual reality as a competitive recruiting tool to attract more workers.

Remove Training Hassles

Interplay’s skilled trades training for SMBs is simple to administer and deploy, enabling you to quickly provide effective upskilling to as many people as possible.


SkillMill not only gives you the tools you need to assess your teams’ skills and abilities, but it also provides you with valuable analytics and insights into team members’ usage and progress.


Your team can access the entire course catalog – anywhere, anytime – using a variety of devices including smartphones, tablets, computers or virtual reality (VR).

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Set Your Team Up For Long-Term Success

Industry Certifications
Technicians can prep for certifications like EPA 608, NATE Ready-to-Work, NATE CHP-5, and OSHA 10, as well as qualify for annual Continuing Education Credits (CEUs).


Proven, Effective Methodology
Interplay’s training applies the science behind how people learn best, equipping learners with both the knowledge and cognitive skills they need to solve problems in the moment.


Anytime, Anywhere Access
No special equipment is necessary to train people in a safe and scalable environment.

Bring Small Business Skilled Trades Training to Your Entire Team

Maintain safe and efficient operations with our full course catalog of skilled trades training for SMBs. SkillMill training includes videos, knowledge checks, 3D simulation troubleshooting and more.