Measure and Monitor with Actionable Insights

Access Interplay Learning’s detailed analytics and flexible reporting tools for career development to optimize training and drive continuous improvement in-house.

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Achieve Training Success with Powerful Insights and Reporting Tools

Interplay’s immersive career development platform and suite of powerful measurement and engagement tools give you the ability to assess your teams’ skills and abilities and customize learning based on their needs.

Gain the Insight You Need to Lead

Get an inside look at how engaged and proactive your teams are, and assign recommended training based on skills and goals progress.

Capture and Present Relevant Assessment Data

Test your team’s skills and abilities through simulation assessments and get a read out of safety, quality, and accuracy for each step in their process with Interplay’s Simulation Assessment Report.

Test and Assess Your Teams’ Skills and Abilities

Assess each learners’ technical abilities through skills assessments to get an objective view of their skills and customize training paths to their unique needs.

Access On-Demand, Flexible Reporting

Make better decisions on and off the platform by accessing relevant team data quickly with flexible reporting.  Create, download, and schedule custom reports based on your training goals.

Integrate Reporting Data Into Your Own System

Integrate powerful data from Interplay’s career development platform into your system(s) via API to store your data in one place.

What Customers Are Saying

Red and White Peterman Brothers Logo

“We’re strategically aligning Interplay’s platform to our paths of progression and career development initiatives. Our goal is to identify learning gaps and provide targeted interventions that support each technician’s unique journey. Interplay’s all-in-one platform allows us to track progress, identify areas for improvement, and provide scaffolded support to meet techs where they are to help them succeed.”

Andrew Hasty

Director of Learning and Development

Peterman Brothers Heating, Cooling & Plumbing

“Interplay has the videos, assessments, and simulations all in one place, and it’s just a better overall training. It helps with ramp-ups because it puts techs in those scenarios before they even get there. So, if it usually takes a year to get a tech in a truck, having Interplay and being able to put them in situations and get them more comfortable, we can put them in a truck in 6 months instead of a year.”

Jason Minor

Regional Vice President

Southern Home Services

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