Commercial HVAC Training

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Develop and Maintain Your Dream Workforce

Provide expert-led, simulation-based commercial HVAC training to help technicians rapidly develop and retain on-the-job skills.

Scale Your Workforce, Grow Your Business

SkillMill’s online commercial HVAC training can help you close the gap between what you need and what you have. You can rapidly train new techs and help experienced techs grow their skills safely with hands-on 3D simulations and virtual reality training designed to help you develop, maintain, and invest in a highly engaged workforce.

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Commercial HVAC Training Made Faster, Better, and Easier

Tap into expert-led videos, hands-on 3D simulations, and VR for commercial HVAC to gain the insight you need to develop a highly competitive workforce.

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Reduce Callbacks and Increase Efficiency

Help technicians get the job done right the first time by equipping them with the knowledge and deductive reasoning they need to make repairs faster and troubleshoot more effectively. 

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Recruit and Retain Workers

Give yourself a competitive edge in attracting and retaining talent in today’s labor shortage by providing immersive 3D and virtual reality training for all skill levels.

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Support In-House Career Growth

Standardize training across your organization, assign courses based on individual learner needs, and create career paths to help your technicians become more well-rounded in the field.

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Develop a More Engaged Workforce

Keep your techs engaged and strengthen their confidence in the field, helping you retain them longer and, in turn, growing your business with their expertise.

Featured Courses

Our foundational video courses provide the building blocks to understand core commercial HVAC concepts, while immersive 3D simulations teach on-the-job skills and enable greater proficiency in troubleshooting.

EPA Section 608 Prep Course: Core

Chiller Systems

Fluid Cooler Seasonal Maintenance


Rooftop Unit Troubleshooting

Leak Check and Evacuation

Gas Rooftop Refrigeration Troubleshooting 3D/VR

Fluid Cooler Preventative Maintenance 3D/VR

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