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A young man using a 3D simulation for hvac training

How Skilled Trades Apprenticeships are Embracing EdTech

Apprenticeship training in the U.S. has a rich history in skilled trades like HVAC and electrical. With the integration of EdTech and virtual learning, apprenticeships ...
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The Power of Immersive Learning: Simulation Training at Interplay

Interplay's high-quality simulations for skilled trades improve workforce performance by replicating real-world scenarios. This training method, similar to those in military and aviation, enhances on-the-job ...
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3 Ways to Elevate Your Workforce Development Program

Starting a workforce development program? Discover strategies to overcome recruitment and retention challenges, adapt to shifting needs, and enhance program value for adult learners.
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Go Mobile! Train On-The-Go With Interplay’s Mobile App

Interplay’s mobile training provides ultimate flexibility for teams to train anytime, anywhere, enhancing knowledge retention, offering 24/7 access to practical scenarios, and boosting productivity by ...
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On-the-Go Learning: How Mobile Training Empowers Teams

Interplay Learning demonstrates how mobile learning effectively integrates into daily operations, offering companies flexibility and skill enhancement while saving time, as shown by various customer ...
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Jasa Inc. Trade School Scales Education Impact; Achieves 85% Job Placement Rate for Grads

Jasa uplifts underserved communities through trades education but faced hurdles in expanding reach and accommodating working students.
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