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Enhance Your Curriculum with 3D Simulations for Students

Give your students the tools they need to succeed with online, on-demand skilled trades training that brings field-like, 3D simulations and virtual reality to your classroom and beyond.

By applying the science behind how students learn best, SkillMill helps your students learn faster and easier than ever before.

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Take Teaching to the Next Level

Assign courses, simulations, or knowledge checks to align with classroom theory and labs.

  • Save time using content that’s already mapped to your existing curriculum so you can focus your effort where students need it most.
  • Allow students to safely practice troubleshooting anytime, anywhere.
  • Provide continuous learning as students prepare to transition from the classroom to the field.

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Flexibility at Your Fingertips

Lesson planning is no easy task. We help lighten your load by reducing the administrative burden of time-consuming tasks like curriculum mapping, assigning coursework, grading progress, and tracking adherence.

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Save Time

Quickly identify the content and simulations that align to your existing curriculum. We’ve already done the mapping for you.

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Increase Organization

Assign, test and grade your students’ course work, all in one place. Use skill assessments to evaluate students’ knowledge. Schedule compliance training to make sure students leave your program well-versed in on-the-job safety hazards.

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Lower Costs

Reduce lab equipment damages and materials costs by supplementing learning with immersive 3D or virtual reality simulations.

Recruit More Students

Use technology-based training and virtual reality as a competitive recruiting tool to attract more students.

Reinforce Classroom Training

Reinforce lectures and lab assignments to better prepare students for skilled trades roles upon graduating.

Integrate With Your LMS

With the ability to integrate into your current LMS, and the option to upload external links, you can create a custom learning path specific to your students’ needs.

Build Confidence in the Classroom

Practice Makes Perfect
Give students unlimited, hands-on practice with a wide variety of field-like scenarios and equipment types in a safe, no-fail environment.

Engage and Inspire with Technology
Create a fun and competitive way to learn the trade in an immersive field-like environment that students want to use.

Educate for Better Skilled Trades Careers
From beginner to advanced-level skilled trades courses, students can learn from a variety of scenarios to better prepare them to transition from the classroom to the field.

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Expand your Education Program Offerings

Featuring curriculum in HVAC, plumbing, electrical and more, SkillMill gives you what your students need to succeed. NATE-certified courses allow your students to prep for their upcoming exam or retain their certification with approved CEU hours.

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