Workforce Development Skilled Trades Training

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Develop a Job-Ready Workforce, Quickly

Interplay’s skilled trades workforce development training gives job seekers the hands-on, field-like experience they need to prepare for real-world jobs.

A man using VR headset in living room for workforce development training in skilled trades

Accelerate Job Readiness in Your Community

Interplay Learning partners with community colleges, public libraries, state workforce development boards, and non-profits to rapidly prepare people with job-ready skills for high-demand trades careers.

Train anywhere, anytime with on-demand skilled trades training and 3D simulations to quickly prepare your learners with job-ready skills and certifications for trades careers today.

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Help People Start Careers in the Trades

Contribute to the success of job seekers and build stronger community connections by offering virtual reality and 3D simulations that help prepare people for the real world better than anything else on the market.

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450+ Hours of Training

With more than 450 hours of expert-led training, learners won’t run out of ways to upskill and cross-train.

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Industry Certifications

Job seekers can obtain the certifications they need to get started, including EPA 608, NATE Ready-to-Work, and OSHA 10.

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Proven, Effective Methodology

Interplay’s training applies the science behind how people learn best, equipping learners with both the knowledge and cognitive skills they need to solve problems in the moment.

Easy to Get Started and Scale

Our workforce development training is easy to administer and deliver, enabling you to quickly provide effective upskilling to as many people as possible.

Anytime, Anywhere Access

No fancy equipment is necessary to train people in a safe and scalable environment.

Skilled Trades Workforce Development Learning Pathways

Man working on a HVAC unit, illustrating hands-on training in the Skilled Trades Workforce Development Learning Pathways


Checking Plumbing Leakage


Interplay Learning Expert checking top AC

Facilities Maintenance

Interplay Learning Expert checking Oven

Multi-Family Maintenance

Interplay Learning Expert checking Appliances


Electric Main Board with lots of wire


Men installing solar panels that have undergone skilled trades workforce development


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