Patton Plumbing and Heating
Cuts “Time-to-Truck” by 50%

With Interplay Learning’s Digital Training

The growing skills shortage meant Patton Plumbing and Heating was faced with hiring low-skilled employees and training them in-house. To accelerate the training process, Patton invested in Interplay’s standardized skills training and cut their ‘time-to-truck’ in half for green technicians.

In this case study, discover how Patton Plumbing and Heating:

  • Reduced “time-to-truck” by 50% for green techs
  • Built a state-of-the-art, onsite training-lab featuring Interplay
  • Accelerated tech skill development
  • Increased employee retention rates
“With the online training we’re using today, I can tell you that we’ve shaved off one year between the time a green tech walks through our door to the time we turn them loose on their own. It’s helping them build their confidence to tackle real-life situations with more assurance.”
Shawn Patton

Owner, Patton Plumbing and Heating