High 5 Plumbing Prepares Apprentices to Become Licensed Residential Plumbers in
18 Months

Frustrated with the growing talent shortage, Levi Torres, President of High 5 Plumbing decided to take matters into his own hands. Teaming up with Interplay, he strategically integrated supplemental online training and VR into their apprenticeship program, accelerating their talent pipeline from apprentices to licensed plumbers.

In this case study, discover how High 5 plumbing:

  • Increased company revenue by almost 500% 
  • Promoted Field Apprentices to Installers in 60 days
  • Produced licensed residential plumbers in 18 months
  • Achieved callback rates below the industry average for 100% of apprentices who underwent Interplay training
  • Developed top performers out of Interplay-graduated apprentices
  • Retained over 50% of apprentices as licensed plumbers
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The first three apprentices to complete the program are our top three most consistent plumbing technicians across the board. They started with the least amount of plumbing knowledge, and now they’re smoking our experienced plumbers in all KPIs. They have the highest conversion rates, get the most 5-star reviews, and their callbacks are all below the industry average

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