Meet SkillMill

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Your Fastest Way to a Skilled Workforce

Get the immersive training your team needs all in one easy-to-use learning platform.

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Introduce Another Expert to Your Team

SkillMill is the world’s leading, always-on immersive learning solution for the skilled trades, delivering a growing catalog of courses and a comprehensive suite of measurement and engagement tools for skilled trades businesses, educators, and workforce development programs.

SkillMill makes training efficient, relevant, and scalable while saving you time and effort. With 450+ hours of content and hands-on 3D simulations, it’s like having another expert on your team.

Discover An Advanced Platform for Immersive Learning

Interplay’s SkillMill training applies the science behind how people learn best, equipping learners with both the knowledge and cognitive skills they need to solve problems in the moment.


We leverage proven technology – once reserved only for training highly-skilled, hands-on workers like surgeons, military personnel and aircrew – and bring it to the skilled worker.


Even better, we make it easy for you to administer and manage through one simple platform that gives you the tools you need to set your learners up for success.

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Businesses Using Interplay Typically See Results That Look Like These:

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have either grown their business or eliminated costs by using Interplay
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see a positive impact on their business since they began using Interplay
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agree that Interplay has increased their employee retention rate
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say that Interplay gave them the ability to train techs faster than before

All the Tools You Need in One Platform

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Command Center

Get a comprehensive, management view of your workforce, all in one place.

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Team Dashboard

Monitor learner’s usage and progress. Export valuable data.

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Skills Assessment

Assess learner’s skills and abilities to get an objective read out of their skills and customize the training path to their unique needs.

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Expert-Led Content

Access our full course catalog of video courses, knowledge checks, 3D simulation troubleshooting and more. Help learners prep for NATE certification and earn CEUs.

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3D and Virtual Reality Simulations

Engage people in safe, “real-world” scenarios where they can learn hands-on and improve troubleshooting skills in a no-fail environment.

Bring a Whole New Meaning to Hands-On Training

SkillMill prepares learners for the real world better than anything else on the market while also saving you time and money.


  • Advance the abilities of your entire team in weeks, not years — no matter their starting level.
  • Access the entire course catalog – HVAC, Solar, Plumbing, Electrical, Multi-Family, and more – anywhere, anytime with a variety of devices including smart phones, tablets, computers or virtual reality (VR).
  • Use realistic tools, situations, and environments in VR to make it easy for new techs to navigate training scenarios and retain lessons.

Trusted by 1,000+ Companies and 130,000+ Learners