Solutions for Large-Scale Solar

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Simplify Apprenticeships

Understanding the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and its registered apprenticeship program requirements just got easier. Our experts specialize in creating and managing online registered apprenticeship programs, taking the administrative burden off your shoulders. 


Apprenticeship Packages for the Solar Industry


Begin an online craft laborer or electrical apprenticeship program.

Our experts guide you on apprenticeship policies and manage program registration, curriculum, and implementation


Integrate Interplay’s online training into your apprenticeship program to meet related technical instruction (RTI) requirements.

Choose from 400+ hours of expert-led video courses and 3D simulations.

Steward (Full Service)

Opt for full administrative management and offload all administrative tasks to Interplay.

Registration, curriculum, ongoing management, compliance tracking, guidance for licensure in other states plus support for grant opportunities and supervisor training are included.

The IRA is expected to boost solar deployments by 48% and create 137,000 new jobs by 2033.

Success Stories

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Expert Guidance to Meet IRA Apprenticeship Requirements

Our expert team ensures your program aligns with industry standards, helping you effectively meet the Department of Labor and IRA apprenticeship requirements. From program inception to state-level approvals and curriculum selection, we guide you every step of the way.

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Flexible Online Apprenticeships

Interplay Learning’s unique online delivery method offers the ultimate flexibility for your workforce and business. High-quality expert-led training and hands-on 3D simulations reduce the need for in-person classroom training and overcome geographic constraints. Plus, our mobile-friendly platform enables your workers to learn on the go, anytime and anywhere.

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Streamlined Implementation and Reporting

Our streamlined solution simplifies implementation and provides detailed reporting, insights, progress monitoring, and tracking to keep you compliant. 

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Experience 3D Sim Training in Action

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  • How to attract, onboard and upskill your techs.
  • How to track user progress and address the skills gaps on your team.
  • How to drive training adoption, motivate usage and reduce turnover.
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