The Impact HVAC Continued Education Can Have on Revenue

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When you hire a new HVAC technician, you should be providing them with a thorough, efficient, and effective training program at the start. An excellent new-hire training program puts you at an advantage as an HVAC business owner. When your technicians have the right skills upon entering the field, your business is equipped to take on higher-paying HVAC jobs and reduce callbacks, generating an increase in revenue for your company more quickly.

If your state requires any kind of HVAC licensing, a certain amount of Continuing Education Units (CEUs) may be required to maintain or renew your license. The success of your business becomes a moot point if you or your technicians cannot legally operate, so it’s important to factor your state’s laws into your continued education program.

There are many reasons why HVAC continued education can be a beneficial investment for business, beyond license renewal. It can be a great way to increase revenue by improving performance, increasing technician satisfaction and retention, and creating marketing opportunities.

Continued Education and Increased Revenue

Improved HVAC Performance

There are many factors that go into increasing your ROI, but one of the most effective ways is investing in your HVAC technicians. Offering continued education courses to your technicians benefits not only your business but also your customers’ experience and your technicians’ careers.

When your technicians continually improve their skills, they are more confident and perform better in the field. This reduces callbacks, increases customer satisfaction, and allows for your company to take on higher paying HVAC jobs. As your technicians continue to provide excellent service, not only will your profits increase, but so will your brand footprint.

Customer satisfaction is incredibly important for long-term business expansion. When your customer is satisfied with their HVAC service, they are more likely to refer their friends and family to your business. In fact, people are five times as likely to trust a recommendation from someone they know over a paid advertisement. With word-of-mouth opportunities like that, it’s even more important that your technicians stay sharp with continued training, even if they are highly experienced.


HVAC Technician Satisfaction and Retention

Revenue does not rely on customer satisfaction alone, but also the satisfaction of your technicians. Employee satisfaction is a major factor in a business’s success, increasing profitability by 21%.

While there are many factors that go into creating a positive work environment, an emphasis on training has been shown to be a significant factor in increasing employee satisfaction. Access to training boosts a technician’s skillset and confidence. This boosts their motivation, productivity, and performance, which increases company revenue in the long run.


Brand Opportunities

Expanding your brand footprint is a critical part of growing your HVAC business. Continued education can provide you with branding and marketing opportunities that can lead to increased revenue. An investment in training can empower technicians to handle repairs more quickly and efficiently, getting the job done right the first time. This enables them to deliver a positive customer experience which is often reflected in reviews, increasing demand and enhancing your company’s brand. Obtaining specialized certifications through continued education can also set your business apart from the competition and increase your credibility and proficiency in the eyes of potential customers.


Building an Online Continued Education Program with Interplay Learning

To benefit from offering continued education opportunities in your HVAC business, you must first put a training program in place. Creating a culture around training can take time and resources. Your training program should be thorough and consistent, considering the many ways individual technicians learn and the most current codes, regulations, and technology hitting the industry.

Not only do you need this robust training program for new hires, but you also want it to be accessible to all technicians for their continued education. This is where online courses and virtual training come in, and there is no better option than SkillMill: the world’s leading, always-on immersive learning solution for HVAC training.

Whether you are training a new hire or offering continued education, SkillMill is a great addition to your training portfolio because it is current, always accessible, efficient, and effective.

For continued education, SkillMill is up-to-date on many different units, skills, and accreditations like NATE, IACET, EPA 608, US Dept of Labor, OSHA 10 and more. This training can also be held at different times (live or asynchronous) on different devices, which makes training more flexible. Technicians can also utilize the methods that work best for them. Training can be held in a classroom, in the field, from expert-led videos, or even within a hands-on 3D simulation.

One of the biggest benefits of this learning methodology is that it increases the learning retention rate. This gets techs job-ready in weeks, not years–resulting in well-trained technicians that get it right the first time, reducing callbacks and boosting profits.

To learn more about how online HVAC continued education can boost your revenue, request a demo with Interplay Learning.


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