Reimagining Training

A 3D simulation of hvac unit for digital skilled trades training

5 Tips for Adopting Digital Skilled Trades Training

Building a highly trained team that gets jobs done quickly and efficiently is vital to improving ...
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A group of students sitting at desks in front of computers doing 3D simulation training for skilled trades

4 Steps to Improve Trade Business Operations & Boost Your Profit Margin

At the heart of any trades-based business is the profit margin: the key metric that dictates ...
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A woman fixing a sink in a bathroom.

Rolling Back Trade Instructor Stress Levels

Taking the stress out of lesson planning and allowing Trades Instructors to do what they do ...
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A group of skilled trades workers workign on a piece of wood

Breaking the Skilled Trades Stigma: 3 Values to Attract the Digital Generation

The traditional, four-year college experience isn’t for everyone, and neither is a 9 to 5 office ...
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A woman fixing a sink in a bathroom.

Technical Training: The Foundation of Exceptional Customer Experiences

Plumbers, HVAC technicians, and other home repair professionals often see people at their worst. Techs come ...
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A woman wearing a VR headset for a 3D simulation service team trainig course that uses visual baselining

How to Make Learning Stick: Visual Baselining in Service Team Training

Joel Berken is the Online Learning Manager for Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, One Hour Heating and Air ...
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A man in a plaid shirt using a virtual reality device for skilled trades training

What Facebook’s Investment into VR Means for Skilled Trades Training

Facebook’s recent announcement about its rebrand to Meta and its significant investment into the metaverse and ...
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A 3D training simulation of a kitchen sink repair

3D Training Simulations: How Life-like Art Improves the Learning Process

Learning with training simulations is proven to help knowledge retention, but learning becomes amplified when 3D ...
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A man using a virtual reality heaset for skilled trades training

Reimagining Training for the Next Generation of Skilled Workers

The U.S. continues to be impacted by the lack of available skilled workers that are essential ...
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