Reimagining Training

Skilled Trades Student Smiling at Camera in a library while sitting at a computer

Jump-Start Career Readiness: 3 Easy Steps to Offer Trade Certifications

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates the construction industry will add 25,000 jobs each year in ...
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student using virtual headset for skilled trades training via Interplay Learning platform

Don’t Forget the Trades! Why the Skilled Trades Are a Good Fit For the Next Generation

Skilled Trades Create a Path to Success for Gen Z The traditional, four-year college experience isn’t ...
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A Couple of Men from a Facilities Maintenance Team

Hiring from Within: How to Set Your Custodial and Maintenance Teams Up for Long-Term Success

Custodial and maintenance teams play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation and upkeep of ...
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A Technician in a Blue Shirt Standing With His Arms Crossed

Five Steps to Implement an Effective Training Program

An effective training program is a strategic investment that can generate incredible results: improving performance, increasing ...
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A Man in a Collared Shirt Standing With His Arms Crossed

How to Generate a Positive ROI on Your In-House Training Program

Running a profitable company requires significant investments, which must generate positive returns. While often overlooked, training ...
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Two men in a registered apprenticeship program

4 Myths About Registered Apprenticeship Programs

How to determine fact from fiction so you can start your own Registered Apprenticeship Program. — ...
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A man holding a cellphone with other devices to the side showing microlearning in technical trades training

Mastery in Minutes: Exploring Microlearning’s Influence on Technical Trades Training

In the fast-paced world of technical trades, keeping technicians updated with the latest industry knowledge and ...
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A student at a school using a VR headset for skilled trades training

3 Funding Sources That Can Support Your School’s Initiatives

As we move towards an ever-evolving educational landscape, investing in innovative learning solutions becomes more crucial. ...
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A computer monitor on a desk in a classroom showing a 3D simulation training for skilled trades

3 Ways to Use 3D Simulations in Your Classroom

As teachers, your top priority is ensuring that your students reach their educational goals. Since students ...
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A woman in red glasses using a computer for small business skilled trades training

Simulation-Based Learning is Keeping Students Engaged

Student engagement is both essential to learning and to program retention. As educators strive to keep ...
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