Walk the Walk so You Can Talk the Talk

Build the Confidence You Want and Need

Do not let a lack of hands-on experience deter you from the job or career you want. Enhance your skills through simulated practice so you can be more prepared when interviewing with a hiring manager. 

Simulation Learning Is Now Yours

Technology is your advantage. Simulation learning has always been reserved for jobs in the military and aviation industries. Use the same approach to building the skills you need for the career you want. 

Take Advantage of Industry Specific Job Placement Programs

Looking for a job? We connect you with a network of companies searching for people who are motivated to get into the industries and have the desire to learn real-life skills to get them ahead in the industry. 

Get Hands-On Experience from Your Computer, Tablet, or VR Headset

Maximize learning opportunities by training on the best potential device at that time. At the office use the computer. While commuting use the tablet. At home put on the VR headset.  Immerse yourself in the learning experience.

Career Changers Take Charge

Make your resume standout with the most relevant training available.

Do you have hands-on skills but need more trade-specific training? The OJT 2.0 platform was designed to quickly move you up the curve to develop on-the-job skills and demonstrate competency, making you a more valuable job candidate. The self-paced learning programs provide simulation-based training, videos, and other content to teach and reinforce critical industry knowledge.   

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On-Demand Training for In-Demand Jobs

Training focused on high growth, high need, and high paying jobs.

Coursework focuses on the jobs that face a shortage of workers and are in high demand from employers. Interplay targets these industries because we want to give you every advantage you can get while trying to enter these industries. Our industry partnerships mean that you're getting the right training, at the right time and will increase your chance of getting hired.  We even have a Workforce Connection component that facilitates that first interview. 

Need to Train Many Career Starters?

Use the platform to educate students, apprentices, or other learners.

OJT 2.0 is a flexible training software platform. Its ability to serve up hands-on like training by simulating real-world situations differentiates it from other training platforms or learning management systems (LMS) on the market.  But, it's got all the primary functionality you need for managing your training efforts.  It also has a simple API, so we can connect to your current LMS.  Contact us for more information. 

Train HVAC and solar energy technicians through learning management system