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HVAC Training Made Faster, Easier & Smarter

Hire easier, train faster, and work smarter with 3D simulation-based HVAC training online.

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Job Ready in Weeks, Not Years

Finding skilled technicians can be costly, and training green techs even more difficult. SkillMill can help by delivering affordable, online HVAC training to get your techs job-ready faster, easier and better – giving them access to scenarios that would take years in the field to master.

Close the gap between what you need and what you have. Gain a competitive edge by rapidly developing a well-trained team so you can focus on growing your business.

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Keep Your Team a Step Ahead

Interplay’s SkillMill saves you time by providing high-quality training for both new and experienced technicians. It’s like adding another expert to your team!

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Reduce Callbacks and Increase Efficiency

Help reduce callbacks with training that provides safe, “real-world” scenarios where techs can learn hands-on and improve troubleshooting skills so they get it right the first time.

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Get Certified

Your technicians can prep for NATE certifications, qualify for annual Continuing Education Credits (CEUs), and more.

A man with dreadlocks sitting infront of a computer that displaying certification course for NATE Certified HVAC Professionals

Gain the Insight You Need to Lead

SkillMill helps you assess your team’s skills, assign the right courses, and track learning progress - so you can focus your energy on your business.

Maintain Your Competitive Edge

We rely on proven learning methodology to increase learning retention rates, allowing you to hire anyone and get them job-ready earlier to accelerate your revenue growth.

Develop a More Engaged Workforce

Better training keeps your techs engaged and strengthens their confidence in the field, helping you retain them longer and, in turn, growing your business with their expertise.

Featured Courses

Maintain safe and efficient operations with our HVAC technician training courses. Ranging from beginner basics to advanced troubleshooting scenarios, give your technicians the ability to upskill with expert-led 3D and VR simulation based training.

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NATE Ready-to-Work Exam Prep

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