ITI Brings Innovative Digital Training to Building Trades Union Apprentices

Setting a new standard for preparing the workforce.
Recruiting a younger generation of apprentices is an industry challenge, and hands-on learning opportunities can be difficult to scale. That’s why when ITI program administrator, Michael Harris, first saw an Interplay VR demo, he immediately recognized an opportunity for a great partnership.

In this case study, discover how the ITI:

  • Attracted next-gen apprentices with VR training
  • Implemented modern, virtual training labs
  • Used Command Center tools to measure proficiency
  • Created a new standard of apprenticeship training
Download our latest Case Study below.
Michael Harris, Program Administrator, ITI
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“We’ve seen hundreds of VR products. We always ask if they add value or if they’re just cool. You can spend a lot of money on something that’s just cool, but offers no real value. When we saw the Interplay VR demo, we could see how it would enhance training and learning retention for our members.”
Michael Harris
Program Administrator, ITI