How Our Training Works

Empower your team. Give them the tools to do their best work.

What is SkillMill™?

Simply put, it’s the fastest way to a skilled workforce

SkillMill™ is an award-winning, online, on-demand Comersive Learning platform, delivering a growing catalog of courses and a comprehensive suite of measurement and engagement tools designed for the skilled trades businesses.

What are the Main Benefits of SkillMill™?

  • Greatly reduces training costs and ramp-up times — PLUS, it's scalable
  • Enables you to rapidly advance the abilities of your entire team no matter their starting level 
  • Delivers expert-led content on HVAC, Solar, Plumbing, Electrical and more
  • Unlimited practice in a no-fail environment helps to increase in-the-field performance and customer satisfaction
  • Gives you the tools to pre-assess your teams’ skills and abilities
  • Access data and analytics that give insights into team members' usage and progress
  • Free up your time to focus on employee development so you can retain a top crew of technicians

What Makes Our Training Different?

Traditional training doesn’t cut it anymore

3D Simulations and VR Capabilities Bring a Whole New Meaning to Hands-On Training

We’ve leveraged proven technology, once reserved for training heavily capitalized industries like aviation and military, and brought it to the everyday skilled worker.

Through the use of state-of-the-art 3D simulations, SkillMill™ creates an immersive platform for users, preparing them for the real world better than anything else on the market.

Interplay Learning is tackling the skills gap head-on, and changing the game of skilled trades training.

Our award-winning training has already helped more than 80,000 industry professionals, and today we’re bringing it to millions more.

Want to see for yourself? Try our free 3D/VR simulation. No registration required.

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Key Components of SkillMill™

We’ve consulted with trusted subject matter experts and instructional design professionals to come up with an effective training platform that applies the science behind how people learn best.

The SkillMill™ Digital Experiential Learning (DExL) platform includes short video courses, 3D simulations and knowledge checks  all to help your workforce advance their abilities faster and more efficiently than with traditional training methods.

Video courses

The purpose of these courses is to build foundational knowledge. Our instructional designers understand that we only have a few minutes to present information before retention and engagement begins to drop off. For that reason, our video lessons rarely run more than 3-5 minutes long.

Sim Walk-through Videos

We turn our sims into video teaching studios. Subject matter experts share their knowledge with users as they’re lead step-by-step through the simulation procedure guide. Watching these videos helps users understand exactly what to do and what to expect, once they’re in the sim.


Our sim-based training is designed to model real-world field scenarios. Sims help users to practice and perform tasks and procedures so they're better prepared for real life. We use a methodology we call the Walk, Jog, Run Approach. You start out slow and then build your way up as you begin to grasp more difficult concepts.

WALK: Instruction Mode

The user is guided through the diagnostic process from beginning to end with step-by-step instructions so they can never make a mistake. It’s like having an instructor with them in the field, showing them exactly how to perform a procedure.

JOG: Practice Mode

There is a randomly generated fault in the system where learners are urged down the path with a procedure guide. Some of the guards have been removed to allow learners to make mistakes while relying on the training that they received in an earlier training sim. We describe this as having an instructor looking over their shoulder, helping them if they get stuck, with a little bit of guidance.

RUN: Field Challenge Mode

This is a test and there is no guidance. Users don’t know what fault they're working on and they have to employ the diagnostic process that’s been established throughout their training to identify the correct fault. This is where you can really identify the “parts changers” on your team. Switching out parts to see what works will not lead to successful completion of the sim. We describe this as the graded instructor experience; the instructor is there, watching how you do the procedure, but not helping at any point.

Knowledge Checks

Short quizzes follow each lesson. They help users focus, remember key pieces of information and zero in on just a few key takeaways from each module.

Supplemental Learning Materials

These visuals help users further understand complex information like wiring diagrams, equations, example system configs, charts and more.

What are Learning Paths?

Learning Paths are expertly curated  roadmaps that are created to help your team learn the right skills in the right order. 

Users can choose to “follow” Learning Paths from the list found within each course catalog. They are then added to their main dashboard under the “My Learning Paths” section.

Training Wherever Your Team Goes


With today’s shortage of skilled workers, it can be costly to pull your team off the road to put them in a training lab or conference room. Your business cannot afford to lose workers when there are already wait times for service calls.

Training with SkillMill™ does not force you to compromise on where you allocate your resources. Jobs get done and training can be completed whenever there is downtime.

How is this possible?

  • All course content is broken up into small, digestible pieces, allowing technicians the flexibility of learning a little at a time.
  • Since our video lessons typically only run 3-5 minutes long, even 5 minutes is a useful amount of time to continue training.
  • Do your techs have 15 minutes between service calls? That’s more than enough time to watch a video lesson or two, and take a knowledge check quiz.

Your workers can download our tablet app and turn their truck into a training lab while they complete 3D simulations.

With the flexibility and mobility of SkillMill™, there is no need to block out hours to engage with training. Whether they’re in between service calls, waiting for their lunch to be delivered, or at home, workers can continue to expand their knowledge and skills.


The platform is compatible with most devices. Check the chart below to see what features are available according to each device.

Desktop Laptop Tablet Mobile
Knowledge Checks
3D Simulations
VR Simulations

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does SkillMill™ Training Cost?

Check out our plans and pricing.

What is Comersive Learning?

Comersive Learning allows students to accelerate job readiness by combining an immersive experience with social learning methods; it combines immersive, virtual training content and curriculum, one-on-one mentorships and learning communities through a single learning platform to push the limits of student engagement and on-the-job learning.

What is gamification?

Gamification uses aspects of game-play, such as point scoring, competition and leaderboards, but applies it to something not typically thought of as a game, like skills training.

What is the Interplay Learning Skills Assessment?

The Interplay Learning Skills Assessment is a personalized service we offer businesses to pre-assess team skills and abilities. The results give you an objective sense of your workers’ starting point so you can plan a better, more effective training path.

How do I get my team to use the training?

Investing in training is costly, so you want to make sure your team actually uses it. Consider incorporating incentives into your program; they can ensure you see a return on your investment.

How can I monitor my team's progress?

Under the “My Organization” tab from your dashboard, there are a number of insights you gain:

  • Are members of your team actively using the training?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of your workers and where are the gaps in knowledge that need to be addressed?

Learn more about the useful features and data export options for management.

Do I need to set up a training center?

No. Training with SkillMill™ means training can be completed on any device and goes wherever your team goes. Using VR? You only need 10 x 10 ft of space!

What technology do I need?

Our training can be completed via computer, mobile device, tablet or with a virtual reality headset. Read more about our VR technology recommendations.

How can my team use SkillMill™ to earn CEUs?

You or your team can earn continuing education credits by completing certain courses within the SkillMill™ platform. Learn more about earning CEUs for NATE and NABCEP.

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