What Is Gamification?

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One of the Most Popular Features of Online Training Is Gamification

Gamification uses aspects of game-play, such as point scoring, competition and leaderboards, but applies it to something not typically thought of as a game, such as skills training.


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Why Does Gamification Work?

  • The newest generation of workers entering the field today are digital natives
  • They engage more with training that resembles video games vs. traditional methods like PowerPoint
  • They are more motivated to train on an ongoing basis when they get immediate rewards for completing tasks
  • It motivates healthy competition among team members
  • They have fun learning skills they can immediately apply on the job
  • It builds their careers faster

Features of Gamification in SkillMill

Team Leaderboard

The Team Leaderboard allows your team to see who has earned the most points for the week.

By comparing users to their peers, it creates a sense of competition and motivation to outperform each other, and themselves. Managers can also leverage these features to create their own internal team competitions based on their business goals and objectives.

Point Scoring

Points are a great way to track how much time and effort users are putting into their online training.

Earn points by watching videos, passing knowledge checks, and successfully completing simulation.

  • Training Simulation: 5 points
  • Knowledge Check: 5 points
  • Video: 10 points
  • Challenge Simulation: 10 points
  • Assessment Simulation: 20 points


Goal Setting:

Your team has the ability to set weekly point goals from their dashboard. This is an opportunity to incentivize learning and reward your team for meeting those goals.

Goal Progress in Interplay Learning's Career Development Platform