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Enterprises trust Interplay’s immersive career development platform to measurably improve how they develop and retain their most valuable resource – their people. 


Achieve your business objectives by guiding your teams towards better careers and better lives.

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Proven Results for Modern Enterprises

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Maximize your ROI with Interplay

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1 in 3 Interplay customers reduced callbacks by 18%.

Career Development for All Employees

Simplify. Scale. Succeed. Interplay’s career development platform makes it easier for large organizations to simplify, scale, and succeed in building a career path for new recruits and tenured employees. 

What Customers Are Saying

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“We’re strategically aligning Interplay’s platform to our paths of progression and career development initiatives. Our goal is to identify learning gaps and provide targeted interventions that support each technician’s unique journey. Interplay’s all-in-one platform allows us to track progress, identify areas for improvement, and provide scaffolded support to meet techs where they are to help them succeed.”

Andrew Hasty

Director of Learning and Development

Peterman Brothers Heating, Cooling & Plumbing

“Interplay has the videos, assessments, and simulations all in one place, and it’s just a better overall training. It helps with ramp-ups because it puts techs in those scenarios before they even get there. So, if it usually takes a year to get a tech in a truck, having Interplay and being able to put them in situations and get them more comfortable, we can put them in a truck in 6 months instead of a year.”

Jason Minor

Regional Vice President

Southern Home Services

The Interplay Advantage

Empower Your Enterprise with Interplay

Simplify and Scale with Centralized Learning and Management

Because one size doesn't fit all, with Interplay you can:
  • Centralize all of your training in one place 
  • Leverage our content and assessments
  • Build your own courses and learning paths, upload SCORM courses, and include classroom training
  • Train as a team with gamified learning, incentives, and competitions
  • Make log-ins seamless with single sign-on

Develop and Retain with Immersive Trades Training

Safe, effective learning anytime, anywhere
  • Access 450+ hours of on-demand content including HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Facilities Maintenance, Multifamily, Safety, and more!
  • Engage people in safe, “real-world” 3D simulations where they can learn hands-on and improve troubleshooting skills in a no-fail environment
  • Learn from experts in the industry with experiential videos
  • Use any device to train–VR, tablets, mobile devices, and computers

Monitor and Measure with Actionable Insights

Insights empowering decision-making:
  • Recommend personalized actions for employees using skills assessments
  • Access detailed analytics and flexible reporting tools to enhance your talent and training decision-making
  • Integrate powerful data and features into your own systems for custom reporting and automation.

Save Time with Powerful Automation

Eliminate the need for custom services with pre-existing integrations:
  • Utilize pre-existing cost-effective integrations into your HRIS 
  • Auto-assign courses, paths, and due dates
  • Enhance your workflows to make change management smoother
  • Leverage an AI Advisor and Mentor

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