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How To Implement a Pre-Apprenticeship Program

Learn how pre-apprenticeship programs can fill 15M new jobs. Discover their value, key features, and how tech simplifies training for job-ready candidates and employers.
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A student preparing for a future career with 3D skilled trades simulations

How To Use Virtual Reality & 3D Simulations In Your CTE Classroom

Explore the benefits of simulations, VR, and on-demand software in the classroom.
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Jasa Inc. Trade School Scales Education Impact; Achieves 85% Job Placement Rate for Grads

Jasa uplifts underserved communities through trades education but faced hurdles in expanding reach and accommodating working students.
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A Group of Young People Engaged in Collaboration at a Table and Demonstrating Teamwork

Your CTE Growth Playbook: 4 Strategies to Expand CTE Access and Enrollment

Discover key tactics to scale your program effectively and offer equitable access to students.
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A Woman Sitting at a Desk Using a Laptop for Automation and Integration With Interplay Learning

Save Time with Powerful Automation and Integration

Interplay automates seamlessly, streamlining operations for focused people development.
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A Man Sitting at a Computer Using Interplay Learning's Online Skilled Trades Training Platform

Measure and Monitor with Actionable Insights and Flexible Reporting

Immersive career platform, robust measurement tools, tailored learning, continuous improvement.
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