Virtual Reality Training Builds Confidence of HVAC Service Pros


One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of Baton Rouge is a proud, family-owned HVAC company that has been serving the residents and businesses in Baton Rouge and surrounding areas since 1981. They believe in three things — honest prices, reliable work and friendly service.

Quality HVAC Service Starts with Great Training

One of the biggest secrets to success at One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of Baton Rouge is their team of highly trained HVAC service pros. Their technicians love what they do, and they show it through every job. They arrive on time, treat homes with respect and provide an unrivaled level of service that has customers making them their first choice for all HVAC needs.

Since April 2020, the company has been using Interplay Learning’s training platform, SkillMill, to sharpen the skills of their HVAC service technicians. The following is what Rozie Ricca, their Operations Coordinator, had to say about SkillMill when it comes to preparing their amazing HVAC service pros for the field.

Q: What do you like about SkillMill?

We are in a field where the majority of our employees are tactile learners. For ages we have been trapped trying to shove textbook literature onto people who need hands-on experience to excel. With SkillMill, we can now put down textbooks and teach our technicians valuable information in a way they can understand and stay engaged.

Q: Have you noticed an improvement in your technicians’ work since starting VR training?

We have noticed a huge improvement with our technicians who use SkillMill to advance their skills. Their confidence levels have shot through the roof.

Q: What are your technicians saying about SkillMill?

Our technicians love being able to practice lifelike situations in a classroom setting. They are gaining confidence and advancing their skills in a way that is almost like video gaming. Our technicians can open a discussion about the situation they are working in and get input on the best way to tackle certain issues. They can try without feeling failure.

Q: What is their favorite part about the program?

They like feeling like they are video gaming, when in reality, they are advancing their career. Virtual reality is a huge factor in training and helps make their wages increase tenfold.

Interplay Learning is a proud training partner of One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning®, Mister Sparky, and Benjamin Franklin Plumbing —three leading home service franchisors under Authority Brands, LLC. Together, we are mission focused on providing engaging employment and opportunities for personal and professional growth that lead to better quality home services.

Rozie Ricca, the Operations Coordinator at One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning

Rozie Ricca

Operations Coordinator

Rozie Ricca is the Operations Coordinator at One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning, Baton Rouge. Since 2011, Rozie has been extremely dedicated to keeping the office running smoothly and providing first-rate customer experiences.