Voice of the Customer

Modernizing HVAC-R Education at Mercer County: Blending Tradition with Technology

Trevor Geisz is an award-winning HVAC-R instructor at Mercer County Technical Schools in Trenton, New Jersey. ...
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HVAC technicians from Master's Heating and Cool standing infront of company vans

A Tale From the Original Simulator: Master’s Heating and Cooling

Since 1980, Master’s Heating and Cooling has been dedicated to serving the Greater Fort Wayne, Decatur, ...
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There’s Never Enough Time! How Freeman Webb Uses Mobile Training to Fight Time Constraints

In a world where time is the most precious resource, finding moments to enhance your team’s ...
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BSR's multi-familty technicians using VR headset for training

BSR REIT: Transforming Maintenance Team Growth and Advancement

BSR REIT is a leading owner and operator of 28 multi-family communities in the Sunbelt region ...
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A collage of employees from ALCO Management company sitting at a desk with laptops and working on the Interplay Learning App

Empowering Maintenance Teams with SkillMill: ALCO’s Training Adoption Strategy

ALCO Management is a well-established property management company located in Memphis, TN.  With over 40 years ...
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Team members from temperature controlled institute who have paired with Interplay Learning to help underemployed youth

Empowering Underemployed Youth: TCI and Interplay Learning Join Forces for a Brighter Future

In a world where meaningful career opportunities can seem out of reach for many, organizations like ...
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A collage of pictures of employees with masks from Wallick Communities

Workplace Safety Culture: Wallick Communities Invests in Engaging Online Training for Maintenance Teams

Wallick Communities develops, builds, manages, and oversees affordable multi-family housing and senior-assisted living in over 2,000 ...
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Interplay's executive advisory board on a video call

Interplay Launches First Executive Advisory Board to Better Serve Commercial HVAC Market

Interplay recently formed its first Executive Advisory Board to expand, enhance and provide additional value to ...
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A group of employees from Safe Electric standing in front of the Company Banner

A ‘Win-Win’ Electrical Apprenticeship Model; Improving Techs’ Lives and Operations at Safe Electric

The United States has a long and proud history of apprenticeship training. Often supported by labor ...
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Jon Zou, an HVAC Technician at Interplay Learning

Building Trade Skills on My Own Time—Despite a Hectic Work Schedule

Just about every aspect of building maintenance has evolved significantly in the 30 years that Tobin ...
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