Interplay Launches Interactive HVAC Catalog

It’s time we officially announce the launch of our new HVAC Catalog. Through the sleepless nights of developing software, working with industry experts, troubleshooting and designing 3D simulations, the day has finally arrived and our HVAC Catalog is live.

This continues Interplay’s commitment to helping the trades train better by providing a platform for them to become more competitive in their field. We’ve helped over 70,000 people improve their trade skills and we’re excited to bring this to millions more. It takes time to gain troubleshooting and hands-on experience. But what if you could gain this experience more quickly? Now you can.

“For years, professionals in the HVAC industry have been asking for a training solution that is job relevant. That goal has shaped our approach and we couldn’t be more excited about getting the solution into industry hands.” – Doug, CEO

Within our new HVAC Catalog, you get field-like training through 3D and VR-enabled courses. You can also learn foundational principles and brush up on basic, intermediate and expert level knowledge. All on your own schedule, with quick and engaging instruction from our industry experts.

So what do we mean by field-like training? Well, our interactive 3D simulation based courses are basically like video games you play on a computer, but instead of killing the bad guy, you’re troubleshooting things like a faulty wire transformer.

You can also jump into our video-based courses that are instructed by top industry experts. We looked hard and long to make sure that we gathered the top dogs, the best of the best HVAC instructors and worked together to build a catalog that was applicable, field-like, and challenging.

But it gets better.

All of our 3D sim courses are also VR-enabled

The proof is in the pudding, and research has consistently proven that VR training is more effective than traditional learning.

“The magic of our HVAC training software came one day while I was testing a simulation in Virtual Reality. I had to get down on my knees to check the voltage of a transformer in a boiler and for a moment I forgot I was in a simulation. It was like I was a real technician, learning how to fix things. That for me spoke to the power of this software to train, and improve people’s ability to work in skilled trades.” – Jon, Senior Software Engineer

But it was no walk in the park

Creating one simulation used to take us months. But then we added a few members to our development team, refined and streamlined a more effective development process, and BAM! SkillMill was born.

Through SkillMill, simulations that used to take us months, now takes us a matter of days.

“We’re doing things with our platform that would have been completely impossible months ago. As a simulation designer, I’m amazed at the flexibility of SkillMill, and feel privileged to be working with such a platform, and to be supported by such engineers. We’ve all learned a lot during this project, and I feel it will only get better from here.” – Brennan, Scene Designer

Now, we can design, develop, and launch simulation training activities at a much faster rate with much higher accuracy and usability. This means more, higher quality, diversified, and field-like training for our learners.

Because with better training, HVAC techs are able to take their training into their own hands to build and advance in their career…and that is why we do what we do.

We’ve created an easier, more affordable way to get field-like HVAC experience, anytime, anywhere

Practicing HVAC skills and troubleshooting both common and rare scenarios is a great way to add more tools to your tool belt.

Whether you’re an aspiring tech, or a well seasoned HVAC veteran, customers like you have found great value in our training, and we know you will too. New techs feel more confident entering the field, and veteran techs get to rediscover old skills that may have gotten a little rusty over time.

Launching this catalog was huge, but this isn’t just a big moment for us.

Now we’re one step closer to our vision

We want to make learning accessible, because we truly believe that when the trades train better, the world works better.

We want to create one central learning hub for all skilled trades where all kinds of learners in the field can enroll in our courses and launch their careers to the next level, and not just in HVAC. We imagine dozens and dozens of various interactive troubleshooting courses for industries like Electrical, Plumbing, Welding, and more.

“Behind the scenes of this content is a set of stunningly elegant systems that become more robust and full of features with every passing day, and the power to push those improvements directly to users at the push of a button.

I am immensely proud of what we’ve achieved thus far, and I know for a fact that we’re still only at the very beginning of what will be an exponential growth in efficiency, robustness and quality of learning content.” – Drew, CDO

We are actively working on this vision. Here’s a list of catalogs we have under development for future release: Electrical, Plumbing, Welding, Facilities, Management, Telecom and Network, Energy Auditing, and General Safety.

“HVAC sims are hot! And cool! I’m not sure what is harder: troubleshooting HVAC equipment or HVAC simulations? It’s exciting to see these courses and sims come to life, but what’s more exciting is that we’ve only just begun…a good job is never really done.” – Steve, COO

So stay tuned!