OMNIA Partners Offers Members Virtual, Hands-On Multifamily Maintenance Training from Interplay Learning

AUSTIN, Texas — Nov. 1, 2023 — Interplay Learning, the leading provider of immersive skilled trades training, announced today a strategic partnership with OMNIA Partners, a leading provider of procurement and process optimization solutions to the multifamily industry. The collaboration offers OMNIA Partners’ members a more cost-effective and scalable multifamily maintenance training solution designed to help ramp new technicians quickly and boost retention rates. 

Interplay’s immersive, on-demand maintenance training for OMNIA Partners’ members includes expert-led videos, hands-on 3D simulations, and virtual reality offerings for HVAC, electrical, plumbing, appliances, safety, and more. This significant contribution to OMNIA Partners’ catalog of training solutions empowers members to attract and retain top talent, upskill current maintenance technicians, improve their bottom line, and increase resident satisfaction. 

“We are so excited to add Interplay Learning to our portfolio of industry-leading partners,” said Vikki Kay, vice president of multifamily housing, OMNIA Partners. “Our members have a growing need for hands-on and virtual skilled trades training, so offering this solution is a real game-changer to our members in the multifamily industry!”

Interplay’s on-demand multifamily maintenance technician training is simple to administer and deliver, enabling OMNIA Partners’ members to quickly provide effective upskilling to both new and experienced workers. Interplay’s industry-leading, innovative solutions can provide: 

  • Skills assessments that offer greater visibility and insight into each technician’s skill level so members can identify gaps and create a personalized path for advancement.
  • Experiential video courses that are available on multiple platforms, including smartphones, tablets, computers, or VR headsets, so workers can learn anywhere, anytime. 
  • Hands-on 3D simulations so maintenance technicians can practice in a safe environment and advance their abilities faster and more efficiently than with traditional training methods. 
  • A training catalog that integrates into existing Learning Management Systems, providing the entire maintenance team with a comprehensive and growing library of training through a platform they are already using. 
  • Enhanced resident experience, reduced resident turnover, and increased net operating income (NOI), thanks to well-trained techs who make repairs faster and get it right the first time. 
  • Reduced outsourcing and appliance replacement costs as Interplay-trained technicians become masters in troubleshooting. 

“OMNIA Partners has proven to be a trusted ally for the multifamily industry,” said Doug Donovan, CEO and founder of Interplay Learning. “We’re proud to partner with them to support multifamily businesses that want to win the talent war and quickly develop a highly trained property maintenance dream team.”

About OMNIA Partners: 

OMNIA Partners is dedicated to helping multifamily housing and commercial real estate discover a better way to buy. As the country’s leading group purchasing organization, you can buy with confidence knowing that our dedicated teams and subject matter experts will identify custom solutions tailored to your unique requirements. No matter what procurement challenges you face, start with OMNIA Partners for all your procurement needs. Whether you are an owner or operator, harness the immense buying power of OMNIA Partners to increase NOI, cash flow, and lower the total cost of ownership (TCO). OMNIA Partners’ comprehensive portfolio of solutions will optimize your procurement process, resulting in significant time and cost savings. Visit to discover a better way to buy. 

About Interplay Learning

Austin-based Interplay Learning is the industry leader in immersive training solutions for the skilled trades. Interplay’s acclaimed SkillMill training platform enables rapid upskilling and empowers new technicians to be job-ready within weeks, not years. Featuring expert-led videos, hands-on 3D simulations, knowledge checks, and personalized learning paths, SkillMill is more scalable and engaging than traditional training. Leveraging advanced technologies like AI and VR, Interplay is reshaping the future of online skilled trades training, delivering highly effective learning experiences that result in better careers and better lives. 

Recent accolades include 2024 AHR Innovation Award winner (software category), Forbes’ 2023 America’s Best Startup Employers, 2022 Inc. 5000 list, and 2022 Inc. Best in Business list. Visit to learn more.