5 Ways Rheem Uses Training to Drive Business Growth

A tablet computer sitting on top of a desk next to a camera with the Rheem logo A tablet computer sitting on top of a desk next to a camera with the Rheem logo A tablet computer sitting on top of a desk next to a camera with the Rheem logo A tablet computer sitting on top of a desk next to a camera with the Rheem logo A tablet computer sitting on top of a desk next to a camera with the Rheem logo A tablet computer sitting on top of a desk with the Rheem Logo on it

The world is constantly evolving—and HVAC is no exception. Updates to technologies and regulations mean that contractors must engage in training to stay up to date on changing industry standards to continue to grow their businesses. 

Training is an integral part of the Rheem Pro Partner program through virtual, in-person, or group networking events. Learning opportunities are infused into everything we do to ensure that elite heating and cooling contractors have the latest industry know-how in the palm of their hands and the tools they need to build a successful HVAC business for the long haul. 


Big Changes are Coming to HVAC

In a typical year, training is necessary to stay on top of growing industry trends, such as smart technology and automation. But amid looming energy efficiency regulation changes in 2023 and refrigerant changes not long after in 2025, training is now more important than ever.  

“Many people who have been in HVAC for a long time have been through an efficiency change before, and it’s a big deal. But this one has some unique aspects to it that make it even more complex and challenging for the industry,” says Allison Skidd, Senior Manager of Regulatory Affairs at Rheem Manufacturing. The 2023 efficiency changes include a revised test procedure used to certify and rate equipment that will require contractors to review inventory as the January 1, 202,3 compliance deadline approaches. 

At Rheem, we know regulation changes can be difficult to navigate. We’re committed to providing Pro Partners and contractors across the industry with the tools they need to prepare—and a lot of that support happens through training.


How Rheem Powers Pro Partners with Training 

Learning isn’t one-size-fits-all, so Rheem offers a variety of training opportunities that Pro Partners can engage in, no matter their busy schedules or how they best learn. Here are some of the methods we leverage to equip contractors with industry-leading training.

1. Innovation Learning Centers

Rheem’s Innovation Learning Centers provide hands-on training to set up Pro Partners for success through interactive classrooms, live demonstration labs, and more. From detailed product teardowns to real-life install, servicing, and troubleshooting scenarios, Pro Partners, experience first-hand knowledge of what it means to be working in the field today. These high-tech facilities also offer in-person business training that covers how to qualify customers, upsell products, marketing, and more. 

2. Interplay’s Simulation training

Rheem’s hands-on training takes place in the virtual world, too. Rheem partnered with Interplay Learning to provide virtual reality-based courses with 3D simulations to mimic hundreds of real-life scenarios from the field. These trade courses are offered online and on-demand. The tech-forward approach motivates contractors to return to and complete a course, provides immediate feedback, and makes learning more enjoyable—just like playing a video game.

“The biggest benefit of this partnership with Interplay Learning is that it gives out big, job-specific course catalog an overnight upgrade,” says Kim Albrecht, Director of Marketing & Training at Rheem Manufacturing. “We need to meet contractors where they are and provide learning techniques and tools that fit their learning styles and schedules. Our investment in Interplay helps us put solutions and confidence in the hands of our Pro Partners and is an ideal complement to our in-person learning options.”

3. Rheem Academy

With more than 2,866 online course completions in 2021, Rheem Academy is a one-stop training platform that provides in-person and online coursework designed and taught by the industry’s leading experts. Rheem collaborates with professionals in the field to understand the technical knowledge needed today, our engineering team for up-to-date product knowledge, and top business leaders for industry best practices. These insights come together to create courses focused on the essential information contractors need to get ahead. 

4. Graduate Studies Program

Pro Partners also get exclusive access to Rheem Academy’s Graduate Studies program. This learning opportunity offers a variety of business and marketing courses that cover topics from sustainability and sales to leadership and personal development, which are available both online and through invitation-only in-person events.

5. Pro Partner Conferences and Events 

Learning and training are part of the fun when we bring everyone together at our Pro Partner Conferences. Beyond being a chance to network with other contractors, when Pro Partners are on-site for any conference events, we ensure we have the product, installing, and training teams geared up and ready to show and teach contractors about the latest innovations hitting the market from Rheem.


There’s never been a more exciting time to be a part of HVAC. Together, through these training methods and more, we are working to provide the skills contractors need to succeed in the field and their businesses.  

Visit rheem.com/become-a-pro to learn more about the Pro Partner program and sign up today.