How to Become a Solar Installer: 4 Pro Tips

Solar Installer, or Photovoltaic (PV) Installer, is one of the most exciting and fastest growing careers ...
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Pollinator-Friendly Solar Can Increase Farm Output

If you build it (solar), they will come (bees!) It’s World Environment Day, everybody, and we ...
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A man in an orange shirt is working on a solar panel

Cities Leading the Way in Solar Adoption

Environment America recently released a new report called, “Shining Cities 2018: How Smart Local Policies Are ...
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A man in a yellow safety vest is working on a solar panel.

How Sales Teams Get Solar Install Experience Without Doing Installs

The Interplay Learning solar curriculum is full of video lessons and 3D simulations that are perfect ...
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3 Cool Facts You Should Know About Solar Energy

With the growing demand for electricity worldwide, Solar Power has quickly become the top renewable energy ...
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Changes to NABEP"S recertification requirements go live January 1, 2020

Interplay Learning Helps You Meet New 2019 NABCEP CEU Requirements

As previously announced, NABCEP is finally ready to implement their new re-certification requirements starting this month, and Interplay ...
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A close of up a photovoltaic panel

4 Things You Need To Know About Photovoltaics

When people talk about ‘solar’ today, they’re probably talking about ‘photovoltaics’, sometimes shortened to just ‘pv’. ...
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Virtual Reality Video AC Disconnect Installation with Play Icon

The Future of Hands-On Virtual Reality Training

 Our Solar Training Program just launched, and we are excited to help companies grow and ...
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Electrical Commissioning

Launch of Simulation Based Solar Training Program

The first Virtual Reality enabled training solution focused on improving employee productivity for the trades. AUSTIN, ...
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A graph with a mouse and a mouse on it showing Decreasing Marginal Utility

OJT 2.0 – How Technology and Tradition Come Together in On-The-Job Training

Interplay Learning Introduces On-The-Job-Training 2.0 Hands on training is very beneficial and is a critical part ...
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