Interplay Learning Partners With Dell to Accelerate VR Training

Dell and Interplay Learning Partnership

Interplay has partnered with Dell to pave the way for improved career training in the electrical, industrial and mechanical industries for use by Enterprise customers and beyond.

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Created in May 2017, Dell’s Technology Partnership Program allows partners to explore the future of augmented and virtual reality solutions on Dell’s hardware platform. Over the past several months Interplay and Dell have collaborated on a number of initiatives to promote virtual reality applications.
One such initiative is the development of  a “VR-in-the-box” technical deployment and distribution program. This program will include both fulfillment and financing of the required hardware, making VR training systems instantly accessible and affordable for enterprise training needs.

Dell sees that augmented, mixed, and virtual reality will drastically change user experience across many disciplines and  industries. By partnering with companies who display promise of creating that future, Dell is helping establish the ecosystem for immersive technology. Interplay’s rapid VR content development engine, formed over seven years of 3D training, will be featured as part of Dell’s efforts to bring VR applications to its enterprise client base.

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Finally, Dell is producing a commercial as a part of its Workforce Transformation marketing efforts. This 90 second video will communicate how the Dell-Interplay partnership is helping to address the current and continuous shortage of skilled trades workers.  Dell recognizes that Interplay is a leader in its field because of its unique in its ability to produce reliable, efficient learning and training tools at scale.