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Retire Your Old Ways of Training
Deliver a Workforce Solution Designed for the 21st Century

Online, on-demand learning means continuous workforce skills training. Anytime, anywhere, on any device.

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You’ve Exhausted All Other Options.
It’s Time to Start Building Your Own Workforce

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Operate with a fully autonomous workforce

Not quite here yet

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Increased Outsourcing

Rely more heavily on third-party assistance

Increased cost, wait time and variability in service

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Find Skilled Workers

Recruit highly skilled and fully educated techs

The numbers show a skilled workforce shortage

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Build Your Own Workforce

Hire for attitude, train for aptitude

With SkillMill™, that's now possible

Skillmill™ the Fastest Way to a Skilled Workforce

The old way of training isn't keeping up with demand.

Accelerate Hands-On Experience.

Tired of callbacks and the widening skills gap?

Get Skilled Workers Now

The Workforce You Need Doesn't Exist Anymore. Now What?

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Broaden Your Talent Pool

  • Innovative training gets noticed
  • Associate your brand with the latest in technical advancement
  • Use training as marketing to recruit the next generation of workers
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Train Efficiently & Effectively

  • Learning by doing allows for faster onboarding
  • Engaging, on-demand content increases usage in technical advancement
  • Scale workforce competencies
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Retain Top Talent

  • Skill development encourages long-term careers
  • Increased job satisfaction
  • Reduced workforce turnover

Streamline Skills. Improve Performance.
Reduce Training Costs.

75,000+ students and professionals have used SkillMill to learn a technical skill. These are the results:

  • Faster job completionFaster job completion
  • Decreased in-field errorsDecreased in-field errors
  • Reduced contractor assistanceReduced contractor assistance and outsourcing
  • Decreased warranty costsDecreased warranty costs
  • Fewer callbacksFewer callbacks
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