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[GUIDE] Streamline HVAC Training With VR Enabled Courses

June 13, 2019

by Craig Carter

One of the biggest challenges faced by growing HVAC businesses is consistency. Your customers expect the same level of service no matter if you're sending out your most seasoned veteran or the tech you most recently hired.

That's a tough expectation to fill, especially for growing companies. Fortunately, with VR training for HVAC technicians, you can streamline your training program and get everyone on your team on the same page.hvac tech training


The Importance and Difficulties of Training

If you're an HVAC business owner or manager, training is one of your highest priorities. It is likely one of your most significant sources of stress as well. Training is essential, but it is also time-consuming and resource-intensive.

  • What if there was a way to streamline your HVAC training program to save time and money?
  • What if this new streamlined approach could be more effective and have a more significant impact on your bottom line? Wouldn't that be good news for your business?
hvac courses

HVAC businesses are facing more challenges than ever before heading into 2020. These challenges are not just limited to obtaining new customers, but have to do with finding effective HVAC tech training that reduces mistakes and keeps your customers happy.

As an HVAC company owner or manager, you need to be able to trust every one of your HVAC techs to professionally represent your company in the field. The same level of service and expertise needs to be offered to every customer. But with so many senior HVAC technicians retiring, far less experienced techs are being left behind. This is further highlighting the importance of needing continuous, high-quality training for new techs.hvac tech training

It is also highlighting the issue of consistency. If your new techs aren't trained to use the same approaches and procedures as your veteran techs, it can become challenging to deliver a consistent level of service to your customers.

  • What if every one of your technicians, from brand new recruit to your most senior technician approached every diagnosis and repair the same way?
  • What if their HVAC troubleshooting procedures were all precisely the same, from the first step to the last?

Can you imagine the gains in efficiency you would see? What about the reduction in mistakes and repeated work?


One Consistent Training Plan

You can make this happen with VR Training for HVAC. Instead of an inconsistent patchwork program, consisting of some classroom learning, field training and on-the-job experience, now, every member of your team can receive the exact same, comprehensive training, independent of teachable opportunities and location. Because Interplay Learning offers VR enabled HVAC simulations on demand, technicians can take these courses anywhere, anytime, on a PC, smartphone, or tablet. This means that each team member can learn at their own pace when it is convenient for them.hvac programs

Experienced veterans will likely be able to move through the material much faster, while greener HVAC techs may take a little more time to master the same material. Either way, everyone will be exposed to the same learning opportunities and the same approaches to troubleshooting procedures.

Techs will have unlimited access to the HVAC course catalog, filled with over 100 hours of video materials and 3D training simulations. That means all your techs will get immersive learning experiences, where they can visualize the work, use HVAC diagnostic tools, and repeat standard procedures on life-like industry equipment until their skills become second nature. Immersive learning has been proven to help people learn new skills faster and retain information better.hvac computer programs

Download our free eBook "Learning by Doing" to see why VR is critical to your HVAC business.

The opportunity to repeat everyday tasks, over and over, in a virtual field setting means that techs can master the skills they need and provide a consistent approach across your team. HVAC company managers can set Career Tracks and learning objectives for each HVAC tech and measure their progress from the administrator dashboard, even highlighting areas where individual employees need further learning or practice.

hvac technician training

Everyone on the Same Page

Just imagine everyone on your team on the same page. This would give managers a whole new level of confidence in sending techs out in the field. Not only will you know that they are following the right procedures, but you will also know they are following the same procedures. This will be especially helpful if there is a problem in the future or a need to follow up with a customer.hvac training

In addition to getting everyone on your HVAC tech team reading from the same playbook, Interplay Learning's on-demand VR training for HVAC has courses for every level of experience. From foundational courses in applied sciences to troubleshooting of advanced systems, Interplay Learning's extensive and ever-growing course catalog has everything you need to get your techs trained and keep them up to date. These are HVAC courses and simulations designed by the top industry professionals so your team will be learning from the latest HVAC training technologies.

hvac technician training


As we head into 2020, your ability to streamline your HVAC training, create consistency across your HVAC tech team, and offer your HVAC techs the very latest in training technology with VR training for HVAC is vital to your company growth.

Want to learn more about how you can implement virtual reality into your current HVAC training program? Request a demo with one of our sales reps today.


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