Interplay Learning Skilled Trades Blog Learning recently exhibited at the 2019 ACCA Expo and Conference in San Antonio, TX. Just an hour’s drive away from our office in Austin, we had a great time meeting fellow
Texans and young HVAC tech students as they all had their minds completely blown by our VR HVAC training.

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“Wow, this is the future of technical training!”   

-basically, everyone


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Attendees were literally crowding around our VR demo, including, Service Contractors, Tech Schools, Tech Students, and OEM’s. Everybody wanted to jump into VR training and try their hand at troubleshooting an indoor fan relay.

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Rumor has it that our booth was the best one there. Few people could resist our custom Interplay Learning  sugar cookies and entering into our raffle to win a Yeti cooler. We can’t really blame them though, the cooler was full of ice-cold bottles of Shiner Bock.

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The night before the Expo, we hosted a VR party for anyone and everyone who wanted to stop by for a VR HVAC demo, pizza and local Austin craft beer. In addition to the classic Shiner Bock, we picked up a couple beers from some our favorite breweries: Blue Owl, Hops & Grain, and Austin Beerworks.

HVAC Simulation

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By the end of the ACCA Expo, as we packed up our stuff, success was felt all around. Just look at the happy faces of our Interplay Learning investor, and our CEO, Doug Donovan.

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That’s a wrap, hope to see everyone next year for more VR HVAC Training!

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