5 HVAC Training Videos to Level Up Your Team’s Skills


If you’re a manager, owner or supervisor of an HVAC company, you know the importance of a well-trained and motivated team. Your service team’s training is an investment, every bit as important as having a complete tool crib or a well-maintained fleet of service trucks in the field. Effective HVAC training makes all the difference in terms of safety and technical skills, as well as the hands-on know-how to put those skills to work.

Employees who are knowledgeable, experienced and conscientious are key to any company’s success, whether it’s a trade or a white-collar firm. Many companies in the field have found that HVAC video training is a great, cost-effective way to be sure your employees’ skills are up to speed.

If you’re thinking it’s time to level up, we pulled together these five HVAC training videos for you to learn from:

Troubleshooting a Faulty Flame Sensor on a Gas Furnace

Imagine this scenario: a customer calls in saying that their gas furnace seems to cycle off again after running for only a few seconds. Your tech in the field removes the cover for the unit and notices a sooty deposit on the tip of the flame sensor, and possibly a cracked porcelain surface on the sensor itself. This HVAC training video is a step-by-step guide on how to diagnose and repair this common problem.

How To Diagnose An Undercharged A/C System (on a Residential A/C)

If a customer calls and complains about a residential A/C system that’s not performing well, there could be several different reasons why, some as simple as a dirty, clogged air filter. After going through the process of elimination to rule out other causes, this video walks you through the steps to troubleshoot a system that’s low on refrigerant and how to nail down and repair a leak in the system.

Troubleshooting an Open Winding in the Indoor Fan Motor of a Heat Pump

What steps does a technician take if a heat pump’s indoor fan motor isn’t running and won’t kick on? Could it be the capacitor? Maybe the fan relay or the fan switch inside the thermostat? Interplay Learning takes you through the process and tells you what to look for to narrow down this problem to the fan motor itself. Safety is an important consideration on this particular job, and this HVAC training video carefully lays out the steps needed to see it through without incident.

Troubleshooting a Faulty Low-Pressure Cutout

The low-pressure cutout on a residential A/C is usually a pretty reliable component, but that doesn’t mean they can’t fail. When they do, there can be a few different reasons and several symptoms. Find out what you need to nail this problem down in this helpful HVAC training video.

How to Diagnose a Faulty Defrost Control Board on a Heat Pump

Heat pumps have a sophisticated set of controls, and the defrost control board on a heat pump serves several different functions. A symptom like frosted-up coils can be due to the defrost control board or can point to other problems. Here’s a video to help you troubleshoot and assess this issue.

The Importance of Continuing Education

Technology and design are moving ahead quickly in the HVAC field, and that’s why it’s so important to make sure your techs are completely up-to-date. These are just a few videos to give your techs the resources they need for success. Success, in this case, means more satisfied customers, fewer return service calls, a motivated and confident service department and a track record that a company can build on.

For generations that have been raised on videos and screens, HVAC training videos are a great, cost-effective way to keep your techs engaged, and they certainly beat having to slog through dry textbooks and journals. Companies like Interplay Learning are leading the way to next-generation digital training for HVAC technicians with on-demand, skilled trades training courses featuring virtual reality and 3D simulations.

Interplay Learning’s HVAC video training is equally well-suited for group training sessions or self-directed learning for individual techs. We invite you to take a look at all the videos and virtual reality simulations that Interplay Learning has to offer – we want to help you level up your team.

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