A plumber using a wrench to fix a sink

Four Misconceptions About Being a Plumber

The trades are facing a labor shortage, and plumbing has been the hardest hit. According to ...
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Plumbing Vocational School: The Questions You Want Answered

Having been in the business for so long, there are a lot of common questions I ...
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A close-up of a hose with water coming out of it

The Best Ways to Complete Your Plumbing Training

Becoming skilled at any task requires training. A popular notion is that one can become an ...
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A close-up of a person holding a pipe

Plumbing Trade School: A Built-In Apprenticeship

Finding a job you love may include some detours and dead ends. The road you take ...
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A bunch of tools sitting on top of a table

How to Become a Plumber

Plumbers are among the most sought after tradespeople on the planet. Their skills are needed in ...
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A close-up of a person holding a wrench

The Function of an Electric Water Heater Thermostat

Among the new types of water heaters available today, the conventional tank-type unit is still the ...
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A close-up of a rusted metal object in a sink

Are Anode Rods Universal? Intro to Regular Maintenance of a Water Heater

If you’re asking yourself questions like, “Are anode rods universal? Where are dip tubes? How do ...
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A bunch of tools sitting on top of a table

Gas Water Heater Venting Options

Proper venting of gas water heaters is serious business. The products of combustion from gas-fired appliances ...
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A man is working on a hot water heater

How to Install a Gas Water Heater

Installing a gas water heater is no small undertaking, even for a professional. Because of their ...
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Learn Plumbing Online — Accelerate Your Career From Home

Interplay Learning’s course catalog, SkillMill™ is filled with educational plumbing content that can help you and ...
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