A group of employees from Safe Electric standing in front of the Company Banner

A ‘Win-Win’ Electrical Apprenticeship Model; Improving Techs’ Lives and Operations at Safe Electric

The United States has a long and proud history of apprenticeship training. Often supported by labor ...
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A red padlock with a "Don't Operate" sign attached to it.

Electrical Safety Training and Building Up Technician Confidence [Q&A]

When it comes to electrical safety practices, Chad Soucy has a thing or two to share ...
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Chad Soucy, Electrical Expert at Interplay Learning

The Arc Flash Event that Led to a Safety Mindset [A Cautionary Tale]

Chad Soucy serves as the Electrical SME for Interplay Learning and is dedicated to practicing adult ...
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A man with an electrician apprentice job working on an electrical panel

Electrician Apprentice Jobs: How to Land One

There are two types of electrician apprentice jobs — union and non-union, with the main difference ...
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An electrician working on an electrical panel with a screwdriver

How to Become an Electrician? A Step by Step Guide For Beginners

Becoming an electrician can give tradespeople opportunities in a wide range of areas including: residential, commercial, ...
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A bunch of electrical tools on a table

What Do Entry-Level Electrician Jobs Look Like?

A higher-than-average starting salary, stable job market and opportunities for growth, lead many to pursue a ...
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An electrician in a plaid shirt and yellow gloves fixing wires

Commercial Electrician vs. Residential Electrician

Demand for electricians is higher than ever, and with a projected growth rate of 8% through ...
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An electrician using a screwdriver to work on a electrical panel

How Long Does it Take to Become an Electrician?

If you’re thinking about becoming an electrician, then you’ve probably asked yourself, “How long does it ...
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A white electrical outlet on a tiled wall

GFCI Circuit Breaker vs Outlet: How To Protect Against Electric Shock

Looking back to 1960, there were 600 consumer product-related electrocutions per year. Today, that number is ...
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A machine with a danger tag on it showing proper logout tagout procedure

Everything You Need to Know About Lockout Tagout Procedures

The OSHA standard for the Control of Hazardous Energy addresses the lockout tagout procedures and practices ...
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