A group of students in a CTE program

A School Leader’s Guide to Expanding CTE Access for Students

A skilled trade is a transformational gift for a student. After graduating, they have not only ...
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A group of students standing and learning in a CTE Program

What to Consider When Starting a New CTE Program

Want to prepare your students for a lucrative trade career? Establishing a career and technical education ...
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A man using a virtual reality headset as part of skilled trades training in a CTE program

How to Transform Your CTE Program this School Year

The moment you’ve been working toward all summer is here. Say goodbye to quiet halls and ...
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A male teacher sitting at a desk with papers and a laptop

Technology as a Tool to Help Combat Teacher Burnout

Teachers bear the burden of criticism in the modern era of social media. They face challenges ...
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Team members from temperature controlled institute who have paired with Interplay Learning to help underemployed youth

Empowering Underemployed Youth: TCI and Interplay Learning Join Forces for a Brighter Future

In a world where meaningful career opportunities can seem out of reach for many, organizations like ...
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A teacher connecting with a group of students in a Gen Z classroom

5 Ways to Connect with Generation Z in the Classroom

Are you worried that your students are disengaged or that you aren’t meeting performance goals? It ...
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A woman who is in a classroom thinking, showing curiosity for the class

How to Foster Curiosity in the Classroom

Do you ever wish your students had better motivation? One definition of curiosity is an intrinsic ...
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A young man using a 3D simulation for hvac training

Can 3D Simulations Replace the Real Thing?

Learning a skilled trade takes time. Hands-on, real-world experience is crucial for skilled trades education, and ...
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3 Real-World Certifications to Get Your Students Ahead

Industry certifications are becoming more and more important to employers, especially in the skilled trades, and ...
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A student at a school using a VR headset for skilled trades training

3 Funding Sources That Can Support Your School’s Initiatives

As we move towards an ever-evolving educational landscape, investing in innovative learning solutions becomes more crucial. ...
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