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March 16, 2023 at 2:00 PM CDT

Managing Hotel Maintenance Training to Scale

Streamlining Skill Sets and Employment Processes for Hotels to Entire Enterprises
Myisha Smith, Director of Corporate Training from Pacifica Hotels.

Director Of Corporate Training, Myisha Smith from Pacifica Hotels


Bogged down by recruiting and onboarding your hospitality maintenance team of engineers and technicians? Not to worry, end your workforce woes by the end of this webinar!

Whether concerned about your team’s current skill set or seeking to recruit new maintenance team members, on-demand hospitality maintenance training is the way to a more skilled workforce.

This webinar will include tactics for scaling & utilizing maintenance team training to:

  1. Benefit recruitment & onboarding processes
  2. Reduce work order times in a safe manner
  3. Minimize mistakes OTJ to keep teams & guests happy
  4. Generate higher ROI for your hotel overhead

Attend the webinar to hear from Myisha Smith on how to scale and manage your hospitality maintenance workforce, from small hotels to entire enterprises!

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