IRT Living Adopts Simulation
Maintenance Training

To Upskill and Promote Associates

A widening gap in maintenance associates’ technical skills meant IRT Living was faced with finding a training solution to level up their abilities. To accelerate the training process, IRT invested in Interplay to increase the engagement, confidence, and performance of their maintenance teams. 

In this case study, discover how IRT Living:

  • Effectively scaled a new standardized maintenance training solution across the company.
  • Upskilled entry-level techs in 6 months. 
  • Reduced average work order completion times within 5 months.
  • Created a career progression program with continuous and engaging upskilling
  • Tied incentivizes and promotions to professional development.
A snapshot of a case study on the effects of adopting simulation maintenance training
Jacqui Hafle, Learning & Development Content Manager
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“Interplay has strong content and material for a scalable way to level up your associates. Nowadays, you can spend a lot of money to fly someone around the country for hands-on training. But in a really scalable way, this online content and how Interplay has presented it is as close to repeating an in-person experience as I think you can find. I think that’s why it resonates with our onsite associates.”

Jacqui Hafele

Learning & Development Content Manager

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