Safe Electric Creates In-House Apprenticeship Program

Achieves 100% Graduation and Retention Rates with Interplay Digital Learning Paths

A brochure for Safe Electric's in-house apprenticeship program

Hiring and retaining highly-skilled electrical talent
is a challenge felt by all in the industry. To overcome these challenges, companies are creating in-house apprenticeship programs to grow, reward, and retain their talent.

In this case study, discover how Safe Electric:

  • Created a standardized apprenticeship program
  • Invested in home-grown technicians
  • Accelerated time from green to trade
  • Retained graduates as full-time employees
Jessica Morrison, General Manager, Safe Electric.
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“Interplay took us from a place where we had a non-existent apprenticeship program to having
something we are proud of.”

Jessica Morrison

General Manager, Safe Electric

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