Field-Like Experience on Your Terms

Whether you’re new on the job or a more seasoned pro looking to advance, Interplay’s field-like VR and 3D simulation training can help you be the kind of tech you want to be – a great one.

Simulation-Based, Field-Like Training

Get the training you need to reach that next level. We’ve got 100+ hours of scenario-based exercises across different equipment types. Hone your skills and be ready for whatever the real world throws at you.

Learn Quicker and More Efficiently

Practice makes perfect. It also makes sense when learning a new trade or brushing up on skills. Interplay’s VR and 3D training lets you try and try again until you get it right. No wasted time or resources.

Training on Your Terms

It doesn’t matter if you’re the new guy or the seasoned pro; the more knowledge and experience you have makes you more valuable. Learn and practice new skills when it makes sense for you, not when the boss is looking over your shoulder.

Interplay’s VR and 3D training lets you take your career into your hands.

Why People Love SkillMill™

We’ve helped more than 80,000 professionals advance their skills and we're bringing our training to millions more.

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"The courses are interesting and I’ve been learning a lot that I’m still missing as a tech: about gas boilers, some stuff about commercial compressors, triple evacuations and a lot of more things."

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"Super informative. Easy to follow and explained very well. As a person who’s just starting out in solar after a 12-year career in telecommunications, the real-world training is overwhelming. This training has made a big difference, installs make way more sense."

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"I'm starting out a new job where I'll be the head tech, so the pressure is on. I'm planning to go through each course and listen to audios between calls so I can be a valuable employee to the company and be successful in my trade."

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