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Johnny Gonzalez

Employment Agency Prepares Blue Collar Workforce with VR

Labor Finders is focused on helping place workers in good jobs across the U.S., and virtual reality training is part of their formula.

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[INFOGRAPHIC] Why Top HVAC Companies are Using SkillMill Team

As a service manager or owner, we know it’s your ultimate dream to operate seamlessly from …

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6 Reasons Why VR Will Help End the Skills Gap in the Trades

Skilled trades companies are turning to VR to shore up the workforce skills gap. It’s more than just a cool training tool; it attracts, engages, motivates, and retains workforces.

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HVAC Technicians Review Virtual Reality Training for the First Time

AirTight FaciliTech experiences Interplay Learning’s virtual reality HVAC training simulation for the first time. Future proofing our industry by bringing technology to the skilled trades world.

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Virtual Reality Training for Skilled Trades Workers

VR is redefining hands-on learning for the skilled trades. Explore how VR enhances worker performance, elevates employee experiences, and improves business outcomes.

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The Anatomy of a Great HVAC Tech

It takes a wide variety of skills and characteristics to be considered a great HVAC tech. How closely do you identify with this infographic?

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