What is the Interplay Learning Skills Assessment?

The Interplay Learning Skills Assessment is a personalized service we offer businesses to help them assesses their teams’ skills and abilities. The results give you an objective sense of your workers’ starting point so you can come up with a better, more effective training path.

We’ve found that many companies don’t have time or resources to assess their team members.

Does this sound familiar?

  • You're spending weeks in your truck with new hires doing ride-alongs to get a sense of their skill level
  • The resumes you're seeing aren't telling the full story
  • You're getting a false sense of understanding of what your techs can do because the same, common service problems continue to come up
  • You don’t have an objective way to gauge the strengths and weaknesses of your mid-level employees to deliver impactful training
  • You’re not sure if you’re sending the right techs out on the right jobs

With the Interplay Learning Skills Assessment, we can offer a much brighter spotlight on the skills gaps in your team.

There are currently two assessments available to businesses: HVAC and Multi-Family Maintenance. Both assessments are made up of 30 questions and typically takes about 45 minutes to complete. 

Team members are assessed on 10 main competencies listed below:

  HVAC Competencies Multi-Family Competencies
1 Electrical Meter Use Electrical Meter Use
2 Converting Pressures to Temperatures Measuring Input (Gas Appliances) (HVAC 1)
3 Evaluating Refrigerant Charge Verifying Proper Airflow (HVAC 2)
4 Verifying Proper Airflow for AC Evaluating Refrigerant Charge (HVAC 3)
5 Measuring Input Safe Electrical Work Practices (Electrical 1)
6 Verifying Proper Airflow for Heat Wiring Fundamentals (Electrical 2)
7 Vent Inspection and Verification Electrical Organization (Electrical 3)
8 Sequence of Operations Safe Practices in Plumbing (Plumbing 1)
9 Wiring Diagram Comprehension Pipe Joining and Installation (Plumbing 2)
10 Combustion Efficiency and Safety Fixture Installation (Plumbing 3)

Once the test is completed, our experts personally score, analyze the results and deliver a report that outlines where the unique skills gaps are in your teams’ abilities.

Based on the test results, we let you know which competencies they need to work on and provide custom SkillMill™ course recommendations to help them improve in those competencies.

Sample Report

[IMAGE] SkillMill Concierge Assessment Report 2

How Can I Use the Skills Assessment Results?


Initial assessment of new hire to establish starting skill level.

Continuing education and up-skilling:
Fill in knowledge gaps for more seasoned employees.

Quarterly and Annual Reviews:
On-going assessments help to objectively monitor and measure tech progress.

Build incentive programs:
Motivate, engage and encourage up-skilling through incentives and reward programs.

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