Student Housing Giant Rolls-Out Online Maintenance Training During COVID Outbreak

Nationwide, in just a few weeks, across all 40 properties.
With an essential workforce to lead, a shelter-in-place rule in effect, and properties to maintain, Campus Apartments saw online training as a vital tool to keep business going.

In this case study, discover how Campus Apartments:

  • Quickly leveraged the SkillMill training platform to create a mandatory learn while you earn program
  • Avoided mass layoffs across the entire organization
  • Created a culture of accountability using built-in SkillMill reporting tools
  • Maintained their reputation of having a high standard of maintenance service
Download our latest Case Study below.
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“COVID took over and it changed the way we deployed maintenance training across the entire organization. From Regionals to HR to Technology, our departments all came together to push out Interplay’s program company-wide.”

Michael Lewis

Director of Facilities, Campus Apartments