Build the top-rated workforce you need to close more calls, faster.

SkillMill™ is the world’s first online, on-demand skilled trades learning platform designed to outsource the most difficult part of your job — assessing, training and managing your workforce.


Hire for attitude, train for aptitude

Experienced plumbers are hard to find. Sourcing and training new plumbers is time-consuming and costly, leaving you with service calls that will not be completed on time. SkillMill™ is designed to train the “digital-native” job seekers, helping you close your skills gap. 3D and Virtual Reality simulations, along with learning paths and skills assessments, give you the complete training program needed to efficiently and effectively manage a first-class team of plumbers.

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Get visibility into the skill level of your plumbers

Do you know which of your team members are ready for the basics and which are ready for more complicated service calls? SkillMill™ Command Center keeps skill competency information at your fingertips. Competency-based assessments show you where and when to assign targeted courses for further development. As your team’s skills grow, you become confident assigning service calls.

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Learn, Train, Practice, Advance

Engage your team with online training they actually want to use. Courses include field-like 3D and virtual reality (VR) simulations to learn and practice hands-on skills in a safe environment. Enable each employee to become a confident, valuable plumber starting with expert-led foundational videos through advanced plumbing troubleshooting scenarios.

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Enterprise, team and individual pricing available.

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3D Simulations for Plumbing Training

Access 3D simulations from your tablet, laptop, computer or with virtual reality. This is online training for on-the-job skills.




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The World's First Online, On-Demand Skilled Trades Training Catalog Featuring VR and 3D Simulations.