5 Quick HVAC training videos that will help you troubleshoot on the job


How-to videos are an excellent tool to help you self-guide your HVAC learning from home. Oftentimes short and sweet, online videos can really help to zero in on specific content of interest and supplement your on-the-job training.

If you want to take some easy initiative for sharpening your HVAC skills off-the-job, then dive into these 5 quick HVAC troubleshooting videos that are sure to make you feel like a pro.

1. Troubleshooting and Diagnosing a Faulty Gas Valve on a Gas Boiler

Which loads are operating in the boiler? Are the burners firing? Is the vent damper open? In this video, our HVAC industry expert, Tim Smith walks us through all the steps of diagnosing a Faulty Gas Valve on a Gas Boiler.

2. Troubleshooting Residential AC Unit with Faulty Contactor

Trying to figure out if your residential AC Unit has a faulty contactor? This HVAC Training walk-through video shows you how to check for a faulty contactor using your ammeter.

3. Troubleshoot a Faulty Reversing Valve Solenoid on a Heat Pump

In this HVAC training video, expert Tim Smith will demonstrate how to troubleshoot a faulty reversing valve solenoid on a heat pump.

4. How to Diagnose a Faulty Low Pressure Cutout (LPCO) on a Commercial A/C

In this how-to video, veteran HVAC expert Tim Smith guides you through the proper procedure for diagnosing a faulty low pressure cutout (LPCO) on a commercial A/C system.

5. How to Troubleshoot a Faulty Vent Damper on a Gas Boiler

Join Tim once again as he troubleshoots a faulty vent damper on a gas boiler. Are the burners firing? Is the circulator running? Is the vent damper open? Are there any loose wires at the gas valve?

The future is bright for the HVAC industry and HVAC technicians. A rewarding profession, a stable income, and long-term job satisfaction are in store for those who choose to think big and self-guide additional learning from home.

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