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As an HVAC Tech, you’re serious about your career, and you obviously want to get the best training out there. You want to learn new skills, master advanced concepts, and practice your craft until you're a pro.

Thanks to innovative, online HVAC training, you can now take control of your own learning to become a better tech. Advancing technology like 3D sims and VR makes it possible to keep up with the latest changes in the HVAC industry and keep your skills sharp any time, anywhere.

It’s clear that online training using 3D sims and VR is quickly replacing ineffective, boring, classroom and lecture-based training. You know this already, so how can you convince your boss?

Interplay Learning has the playbook.

Here are six ways to convince your boss to incorporate online HVAC training into their current training program so you can advance your career, be a part of a stellar HVAC team and benefit the company.


1. Online HVAC Training as a Recruiting Tool

Due to the retirement of many of the most experienced HVAC techs, competition is fierce for the very best recruits. Employers are always looking for ways to attract employees with the most potential for success. Offering online HVAC training, including 3D sims and VR enabled training, can give your company a significant advantage.

It shows that your HVAC business is forward-thinking and cares about the success of their employees. Given the choice of working for two companies, both offering the same pay and benefits, the most promising recruits are going to favor the one that invests in their future, by providing the very latest and coolest training.HVAC Training as Recruitment Tool


2. Online HVAC Training to Up-Skill and On-Board New Techs Faster, More Efficiently, and Systematically

The faster your boss can on-board new technicians, the faster they can start increasing revenue. Online HVAC training can help create a faster, more efficient, and systematic approach to the on-boarding and up-skilling process. Interplay Learning’s on-demand course catalog offers content designed for every level of training and experience, so even the greenest techs can feel comfortable at their starting point.

The administrator dashboard allows your manager to create custom learning tracks for each technician to make sure they are covering the material that is best suited for their skill level. It also allows the boss to track progress every step of the way to reward tech achievements.hvac simulation solutions


3. Online HVAC Training to Streamline How the Whole Team is Trained

As your company begins to on-board new techs at a rapid pace, it’s inevitable that problems will arise. You and your boss are probably already dealing with the frustrating issue that each tech has their own way of approaching service calls. This lack of consistency can lead to lots of mistakes and wasted time.

If all techs are trained in the same way, with the same course content, practicing on the same 3D simulations, then their technical knowledge and field troubleshooting approaches will be consistent across the whole team. With a streamlined training program, work gets done the same way, every time, making work more efficient and less prone to error and frustrations.hvac courses


4. Online HVAC Training to Get More Techs Training Faster

Every day spent training a new tech is another day that they are not out in the field working. That could mean that you're overworked and your boss is turning away jobs until they have enough trained help to get work done. Online, on-demand, 3D sims, and Virtual Reality training is completely scalable. Whether it's one HVAC technician or 100, this training helps techs learn new skills faster, getting them ready to apply those skills in a shorter time frame.


The immersive learning techniques available with VR are proven to help increase HVAC learning speed and skill mastery, and there is no limit to how many technicians can train at the same time.hvac programs


5. Online HVAC Training Reduces Errors and Eliminates Repeat Service Calls

Mistakes are a frustrating aspect of the HVAC business. They cost money, can hurt business reputations and affect technician confidence. The best way to avoid mistakes is by giving technicians the opportunity and autonomy to repeat the same task over and over until they have mastered it. Online 3D HVAC simulations with VR capabilities provide immersive training that is proven to be the most effective way to eliminate mistakes.hvac training courses


6. Online HVAC Training Offers Ongoing support for Senior Techs as Technology Advances

So much time and energy is spent training new recruits, that it can be easy to forget about the more experienced, senior technicians. These professionals have mastered their craft through years of experience.

However, the HVAC industry is changing faster than ever before, and they are starting to fall behind. Staying on top of the latest advances in technology mean they are going to need the latest training. The good news is that Interplay Learning’s HVAC course catalog is ever-expanding and focused on keeping up with the changing technologies.

With 100+ hours of on-demand HVAC training content already available, and new courses being added all the time, with content from leading industry HVAC experts, your boss can offer HVAC veterans precisely what they need to stay current in their field.

HVAC Simulation


To Wrap it all up...

Selling your boss on the idea of online HVAC training will be of great benefit to you and your team. You'll have access to everything you need to learn and grow your skills as technicians and advance your careers, on your terms. But this training is truly beneficial to both employer AND employee.

The latest in online HVAC training, including 3D sims, and VR can have a massive impact on the success and profitability of the HVAC company you work for. And perhaps, your boss will one day remember whose idea it was...

Email this link to your boss and start a discussion about how online team training can benefit everyone: